Friday, July 11, 2014

I've Got Til 5! - Yankee Stadium Giveaways

It wasn't looking good for an article this week. Some rough personal stuff, combined with the team's pathetic play, made it impossible to be inspired to write. However, while working on the team roster I came across the promotional schedule for the Yankees. Mainly out of boredom while waiting for the game to start, I decided to take a look. While there are some really cool things, like replicas of the 1999 World Series ring (July 20th), being given away, there are also some head scratchers...

1. April 25th - Herbs Seed Packet Night

I'm willing to bet that more of those seeds found there way into people's mouths, who thought they were edible seeds like sunflower seeds, than were planted in the ground. And those people that didn't try to eat them before throwing them out with a disgusted face just... threw them out.

The fact that this promotion has already happened is sure to cause some tears, but don't worry... there's plenty more.

2. July 19th - Collectible Truck Day

W.B. Mason has been a sponsor of the Yankees for some time, so I don't mean to insult them, but... come on. I'm sure many of you were disappointed to not receive a Hot Wheels or Matchbox toy, but instead get a piece of crap replica, at some point in your life. And I'm sure this toy truck is no better. The saddest part? That toy truck will be the first memory for a young fan visiting Yankee Stadium for the first time.

3. August 6th - Luggage Tag Night

While the previous two promotional giveaways at least make some sense, in that they promote a product, this one has me baffled. I understand giving away things like shirts and bobbleheads, which are adorned with a Yankees player and/or the team logo, but why a luggage tag? The last thing I want to do while flying, which can be a painful experience in and of itself, is be reminded of the painful team the Yankees are putting on the field these days.

4. August 22nd - Yankees Water Bottle

Unlike the other items listed in this article, I have no issue with giving away water bottles. Most people, myself included, should drink more water (and less sugary drinks like soda). And what better way to try and get a Yankees fan to drink more water than to give them a water bottle with a Yankees logo on it? I just find it funny that a company that produces numerous beers, that are as close to water as you can get while adding hops and yeast to it, is presenting this night.

5. September 21st - New York Yankees Limited-Edition Ty(R) Beanie Buddy(R) Day

You know who collects Beanie Buddys? Nobody. There was a time when Beanie BABIES were one of the hottest toys. But that time isn't in 2014, it wasn't last year, it wasn't even in the last decade. Beanie... whatevers... haven't been "cool" since 1999. Oh, did I mention that only guests 14 years of age or younger will get one of these Beanie Buddys? That means those kids weren't even ALIVE the last time these things were in demand. Oh, and the "DKNY" logo will make them even more attractive to those kids that get one.

Then again, it does have a "2" on it, and you can remove the "DKNY" ribbon. And to be honest, I wouldn't mind adding this to my collection of Yankees memorabilia. I think I'd remove the "ty" tag on the ear too.

Heck, these things are free, so perhaps neither I nor anyone else should complain about them being crappy. I just wonder how many more bags of garbage, and junk on the floor of the stadium, there will be thanks to this stuff being thrown aside by fans that just came to watch some baseball.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)