Friday, July 11, 2014

The Daily Dozen - July 10, 2014

(Twelve Takeaways from Tonight's Game - July 10th, 2014 Edition)

I must preface this edition with the fact that I just got home from the game and it's 1:45 am Eastern Time.  Good thing I take notes during the games!  No pictures tonight to speed up my entry into bed hopefully by 2:00 am to get up in 5 hours to start it all over again.

1. Michael Brantley does not strike out much.  I failed to mention it in last night's game but his streak of plate appearances without a K ended at 64 in his 1 for 6 performance on Wednesday.  Well he rebounded tonight and went 2 for 4 getting robbed of a base hit by Ellsbury in the 7th.  Brantley was nowhere close to the league record of which Joe Sewell of the same Cleveland Indians went 115 GAMES without a strikeout from May 17 through September 19, 1929.

2. Speaking of Jacoby, I officially nominate him to be the next Yankees Captain.  I know, it's only his first year of a 7 year contract, but seriously I think this guy has what it takes to drive and lead the Yankees for the next decade.  Call me crazy, but I've been called worse.

3. Mustard should be banned from stadiums.  During the first inning my buddy who shall not be named since he is an Indians, sorry...Native proceeded to drop his hot dog through his #DollarDogNight bun onto his lap.  His shorts were promptly covered with mustard, not ketchup mind you, but mustard.  Since there were no females with us, there were not any napkins amongst the four of us.  Here is a snippet of what was going on at that time via twitter:

4. Dollar Dog Nights are a good yet bad idea.  I ate 6 hot dogs before the end of the 4th inning.  My son had 5, which he says is a record.  Consequently, once we stopped eating hot dogs, the Yankees also stopped scoring runs.  #KneppersFault  They announced in the 7th inning that over 36,000 hot dogs had been sold, which was approximately 8,000 more than the fans in attendance.

5. Asdrubal Cabrera's antics on the basepath last night were hilarious.  Jeter got a kick out of it but also probably realized how old he was since he could barely bend over to tag him out on his 2nd slide within the basepath to avoid the tag.

6. Cervelli has got to have a magnet in his knee or something?  Did he say something bad about the Native Americans or post something awful on twitter...twice in 4 days now.

7. How is Chris Dickerson an above .400 hitter against the Yankees?  For real, I want to know...this is just ridiculous.

8. I saw a lot of LeBron jerseys at the game tonight.  Almost more than I saw for Michael Brantley.  I thought everyone in Cleveland burned their jerseys 4 years ago?  Anyways, I had a great time yelling out updates about the #LebronWatch2014...obviously everything I was saying to people were lies, but I found it hilarious.

9. McKKKKan...he tried to join the Golden Sombrero ranks last night with Brendan Ryan and he did!  Great job on the accomplishment Brian...I wonder what his stats are as a DH.  I believe that Jorge Posada was the only catcher in recent memory that did well when not planted behind the dish...I could be wrong, but that doesn't happen often.

10. I saw a shirt outside of Jacobs Field (I refuse to call it Progressive since I'm a Libertarian) that angered me.  It read "Lonnie Baseball".  Are you serious?  Hit well for 2 months and they are already calling you the next Don Mattingly!?! Get right out of town.  Not funny.

11. In a span of 10 minutes my night was ruined.  Word about Tanaka's partially torn UCL was released and then the Yankees promptly gave up 4 runs via a bases-clearing triple to Asdrubal that hit the University of Toledo logo (my alma mater, golden and blue) on the right field wall and a sac line drive to knock in another run by Brantley.  The game was basically over by then, because we all know that THE YANKEES CANNOT SCORE AFTER THE 5TH INNING!

12. Derek Jeter has now amassed 1,000 multi-hit games.  Unbelievable.  That's a lot of freaking gift baskets El Capitan!


  1. I enjoy reading your posts Bryan...very good;
    Here are some of Jeters Yankee Records, the Good and the ugly;
    #1-Games Played
    #1-At bats
    #1-Plate Appearances
    #1-Times on base
    #1-Strike outs
    #1-Outs Made
    #1-Stolen Bases
    #1-Hit by Pitch
    #1-Grounded in DP
    The first 3 tell the story all by themselves, that is, he has more than 2,500 more plate appearances than any other Yankee and he is a singles hitter! His job was to get on base, which he did very well. Mr Clutch he has never been, three or four clutch hits in 20 years doesn't make one a clutch player, nor does the filp forget the part Posada played in that flip!
    Jeter has been one of the best SS the Yankees have ever had and his value to this generation of players and fans is understandable. He has been fun to watch play!

  2. Have to think Gardner is named captain before Ellsbury, no?

    1. I don't think the next Yankees captain is currently on the team.

  3. Either Gardner or Ellsbury if they were to name one from this current squad...

  4. Mr Clutch he has never been, three or four clutch hits in 20 years doesn't make one a clutch player, nor does the filp forget the part Posada played in that flip! Thanks for sharing.
    Shin Chan Games

    1. Sarcasm is well placed, sir!
      But the facts are as they are, I understand why he was given the name "Captain Clutch"...Home run in the world Series to win, the flip play to save the game...and his personality.
      He was the best and really only choice, for Captain!

  5. He wasn't being sarcastic he was spamming his games website lol.

    1. What the hell is,"spamming his games website"? Try that in English 101, please!

      Anyhow, there was nothing wrong with his comment, even if it were Sarcasm! I wouldn't take offense to anyone disagreeing with what I place in the comment blocks. That is why you have Reply at the end!

  6. He coped and pasted what you said and put a link at the bottom that says "Shin Chan Games"... it's spam.

    1. I know very little so that's why I am asking, This thing Shin....... is a game?
      Never mind, I won't be using anything like that anyhow, thank you for your time kind sir!

  7. Click the link, see what happens.


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