Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quick Hit: Imagining The Yankees Lineup w/ Headley

The New York Yankees acquired Chase Headley from the San Diego Padres about two seasons too late yesterday afternoon in case you missed it and have been living under a rock. Headley adds some legitimate infield defense to a team that is severely lacking in that department and a switch hitting bat that could be a big upgrade over Kelly Johnson.

Let's take a look at the lineup I think manager Joe Girardi will put out with his newly acquired third baseman:

LF Brett Gardner
SS Derek Jeter
CF Jacoby Ellsbury
1B Mark Teixeira
C Brian McCann
DH Carlos Beltran
3B Chase Headley
2B Brian Roberts
RF Ichiro Suzuki

This is not exactly the lineup that I would put out there but this is my guess for what the binder would spit out tonight against Yu Darvish if Teixeira were healthy. Personally I think I would bat Headley a little higher in the order, maybe behind Teixeira, and switch Ellsbury and Gardner but maybe it's just me.


  1. Then there is the elephant in the room... The #2 spot.

    1. Bryan, I respect you and your posts but, what elephant? Jeter is not the Jeter of old anymore, He has hit into more DP than anyone in the history of Yankee Baseball and is #14 on the All Time List.
      Last night he killed another rally with a DP.
      Next year unless they make a trade I would have Brett #1 and Ellsbury #2 or switch them around, which would give Ells plenty of time to steal a base.
      This year Ellsbury was forced to hit in the #3 spot because of Jeter, and we all know he will not move out of there unless orders of the GM. Respect, don't you know!


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