Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Yankees Present Paul O'Neill Bobblehead Day

If you've been watching any of the YES Network's broadcast recently you know that today is Paul O'Neill bobblehead day at Yankee Stadium. The first 18,000 guests will receive this bobblehead so you have to get to the stadium early, these should go fast. It's a good thing that today's game is not sold out yet and we still have some tickets RIGHT HERE on the blog. We can offer these tickets for well below market value and we do not tack on the shipping costs or any fees whatsoever.

Even if you get some nosebleed seats it would still be worth it to grab this bobblehead. You also get treated to the final game of the home stand as the Yankees face off with the Toronto Blue Jays. Can't beat that, buy now. 


  1. ANY CHANCE ????....that the Yankees sign the Cuban player, who is being show cased
    today, down in Florida ?
    Is he major league ready / could this happen ?
    A Bret Gardner type player, only with more power.
    I saw his highlight video. Liked the part where he is pushing a car down the street. Yeah, it is there.

  2. I know we're looking at him, that's all I know.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)