Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yankees Showing Interest in OF Josh Willingham

Due to the recent struggles of Ichiro Suzuki, the Yankees are now showing interest in Twins' OF Josh Willingham,'s Jon Heyman reports. 

So far this season, Willingham, 35, has hit just .215 with 10 home runs and 29 RBIs, low numbers possibly caused by the fact he missed 41 games earlier this year with a wrist injury.

Either way, the veteran is only getting paid $7 million in 2014, a price tag lower and more preferable than those of Texas' Alex Rios ($12 million) and Philadelphia's Marlon Byrd ($8 million), two other batters the Yanks have also been linked to. 

Nonetheless, you do have to wonder why this news is coming out right now, especially since New York still hasn't gotten another legitamate starting pitcher.

Yes, they just sent cash to the Rockies for then minor leaguer Chris Capuano, although considering Capuano's not someone who will give them much more than six innings in each outing it's unlikely he's the answer to their problems. 

Remember, whether or not the the injured Michael Pineda and Masahiro Tanaka will return in the next month is currently unknown, something that should make acquiring somebody else before the deadline a main priority. 


    Let's play who the Yankees target for pitching, in the next 96 hours, or so.
    Because I know no more than you, I'll go first. My guess is Homer Bailey, of the Cincinatti Reds.
    The supposed outfield bat ? Jesus, this is a crap shoot....let's try Marlin Byrd.

    Next....put it on the line, boys.

    1. After the Reds extended Bailey and since they are in the thick of things in the Central I doubt we go after him.

      I am still holding onto the pipe dream that is Troy Tulowitzki... which you will see all day on the blog.

  2. Did anyone have a thought on how M.Kay was saying Mo and Jeter should get 100% of the HoF votes.

    Both Players will get into the HoF, but to say they should get 100% of the player has ever been perfect or that dominate!

    Babe Ruth is rated #1 (by far) in more category's than any other player yet, NO !00% vote.

    1. I think that's the dumbest unwritten rule of them all. If Jeter gets 100% of the vote I for one, and I love history, wouldn't be upset.

  3. SPAMMER seem agitated ? Don't get worked up over an announcers words. Dumb.

    So, let's play " Ninety Six Hours "........What do you think will transpire ?

    1. My contention with the thing is the stupid people that think Jeter should be a 1st round 100% pick and he is the best Yankee ever! This is what I meant when I say he had the best PR of any player scene Tinkers to Evers to Chance (song helped them) even though they were very worthy of being inducted into The Hall, on their own.

      I respect Jeter and think he was one of the best SS we have ever had, but better than the real top 10 all time Yankees...not a chance in hell for a singles hitter with no ML records placing him in the top 5 all time except 3400+ hits. His defense alone would be a big down fall, he isn't even rated in the top 250 SS's! He has over 2650 more Plate appearances then any other Yankee...he should have the hitting record and a few more Yankee records, which he does!

      Will he and should he be in the Hall...Yes, without a doubt!

  4. RUSNEY he ready to be penciled in ?

    Cuban defector Rusney Castillo worked out for the majority of MLB scouts.

    " The Yankees, along with just about every other MLB team (28/30), sent scouts to watch Rusney Castillo workout yesterday. The 27-year-old outfielder defected from Cuba last year, and has finally been cleared to sign with clubs.

    Castillo is a 5-foot-9 right-handed hitter, described as having quite a bit of speed. During his career in Cuba, he hit .315/.380/.501 with an OPS+ of 128. Following yesterday's workout, scouts said that his arm was his weakest tool, and that he would probably be better suited to play center or left field. Castillo himself has said that he prefers center. He's drawn comparisons to his fellow Cuban defectors, Leonys Martin and Dayan Viciedo, although said to lack Viciedo's power. According to Jon Heyman, Castillo is like "Brett Gardner with power." He seemed to impress with his bat, with one scout even saying that he thought he should have stopped after his second round of batting practice because he didn't think he could improve upon his performance, but that he actually did even better in the next round. After BP, he hit live and sent several balls over the fence and back at the wall."

    I forget where I lifted this from, but I did borrow these words.

    1. 5'9", wow. If the guy has no arm he probably slots into left field in New York, not center. I don't think we get him if his arm isn't up to par. We have LF and CF locked down for a while.


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