Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Daily Dozen - July 27, 2014

(Twelve Takeaways from Today's Game - July 27th, 2014)

1. Toronto jumped out to an early 1-0 lead on Shane Greene.  Mr. Greene responded well though holding Cabrera at 3rd base with only 1 out.  Impressive, most impressive.

2. Chase Headley came into the game batting .368 as a Yankee.  He went on to put the first Yankee run on the board with a solo blast in the 5th inning and is now batting, what a slacker.  Let's hope he can continue producing and play a good hot corner.

3. I "watched" the game on today.  It is amazing the different ways that an out can be made and the descriptive words that shape what you and I see in our mind as playing out.  For instance, Derek Jeter lines out to right field sounds much more impressive than Jeter pops up to second base.  Isn't technology great?

4. Congratulations to Mr. Joe Torre.  One of the all-time great Yankees Managers up there with Casey Stengel, John McGraw, Miller Huggins, Joe McCarthy, and dare I say Billy Martin.  Joe Torre entered the Hall of Fame with the 2014 Class along with other managers Tony LaRussa and Bobby Cox.  I saw an interesting stat today as well--the 2001 Diamondbacks team defeated LaRussa's Cardinals in the NLDS, Bobby Cox's Braves in the NLCS and Joe Torre's Yankees in the World cool is that?  Does that mean Bob Brenly is destined for the Hall?  To be the BEST, you have to BEAT the best.  The Hall of Fame also announced changes in their voting today only allowing for players to be on the ballot for 10 years if they get 5% of the vote each year.  Don Mattingly and 2 others are grandfathered in and Donnie Baseball will have his 15th season on the ballot next year.  I will write in depth about that in the offseason I'm sure.
Welcome to the Hall Mr. Torre! (Source: MLB Twitter)
What a Hall of Fame Class! (Source: NY Post)

5. The Yankees and Wheeler's base running mistake made J.A. Happ look like Cy Young through 4 innings. What does J.A. stand for anyways?  James Anthony...there you go...I wonder if he and J.R. Murphy...errr...John Murphy ever hang out.

6. Zelous Wheeler made up for his mistake in the bottom of the inning.  Playing right field can't be that hard, can it?  I mean Mr. Wheeler gunned down perennial Yankee Killer Dan Johnson at the plate to end another Blue Jays threat.

7. Mr. TULOWIZKI Troy Tulowitzki was seen at Yankee Stadium today.  The funny thing is that the Rockies aren't in New York playing the fact they were at home playing Pittsburgh.  Interesting...interesting indeed.
"Please trade for me...pretty please!!!!!  Man...
I kind of look like Money Manziel in this picture..."

8. There were some unlikely Bombers in the 5th inning.  Back-to-back, belly-to-belly, we got home runs from Headley and Cervelli! I'm a poet and didn't even know it.

9. David Huff = White Flag.  I would be interested to know how many games the Yankees win when Mr. Huff makes an appearance.  I'll get the TGP Research Dept right on figuring out that stat.  May have to make a new dictionary entry for the Huffster.

10. Scoring on Betances is hard work.  Today it was easy for the Blue Jays as he did all of the work for them.  A walk, followed by a throwing error allowing the baserunner to get to third, and a sacrifice fly in the 8th inning.  The pesky Blue Jays just wouldn't go away today.

11. The Yankees have battling back lately.  Not only that but they have been actually scoring late in games.  They are starting to remind me of the 2009 Yankees team...I know I've said it before, but these guys really have fought hard.  Everytime the Jays scored, the Yanks came right back at them...except for in the 9th...but this type of effort bodes well for the team.  They have lost 2 in a row but both losses had comebacks.
Well...sans this guy...

12. The Blue Jays had not won a game in 17 going back to August of 2012.  They erased that streak yesterday.  They had not won a series at Yankee Stadium since the same time in 2012.  They erased that mark today and are now a game ahead of the Yankees in the 2nd Wild Card position.  That's okay, the Yankees see the Jays 7 more times this season to get them back.

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