Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ryan Howard Is Not The Answer, I Hope

There hasn't been any reports that really links the New York Yankees to the Philadelphia Phillies Ryan Howard and that's what really worries me. We didn't hear much at all before the Yankees acquired Chase Headley, Jeff Francis, Brandon McCarthy, or Chris Capuano and I have this little gut feeling that Howard may be the next lightning in a bottle, change of scenery, take my player for nothing type of marginal trade for the Yankees. I say marginal upgrade because the Yankees don't have a real first base backup option, although Brian McCann has done well there out of necessity.

The Phillies are said to be interested in eating much, or as close to all as they can, of the remaining $70 million left on Howard's contract. That $70 million is through the 2016 season and includes a $23 million team option for the 2017 season with a huge $10 million buyout.

If Howard has anything left in his tank it would come in New York, it always seems to go that way. That left handed swing and right field porch would look attractive to any power hitter and Howard could easily platoon in New York. With the DH slot in the American League Howard could conceivably work in New York, but I hope not.

I say I hope not because Howard is not making good contact with the ball. His line drive percentage is down, his BABIP is down, his home run power is down, it's all down across the board. Some players have that one redeeming factor but I looked and I can't find that with Howard. Sure he could play against right handed batters but he takes away a roster spot of someone more deserving and cannot play anywhere but first and DH. If it were for the rest of the season I would seriously consider it, but it's not. Pass, I hope.

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