Saturday, August 2, 2014

Long Realizing The Trouble Yanks Are In

Ever since their opening day loss to the Astros, it's been clear to us all that the Yankees' offense isn't the best around.

The seemingly amazing group, led by big names such as Carlos Beltran, Mark Teixeira, and Brian McCann, has batted just .251 this season, the eleventh best team average in the American League.

Despite that, the 55-53 Yanks are still in the playoff race, something that apparently doesn't impress Hitting Coach Kevin Long, who said earlier today that the reality of New York's situation is that their guys aren't living up to their expectations.

“That’s the reality of it right now,” Long recently told the New York Daily News. “You can keep talking about turning it around, but we’re 100-something games in. That’s the frustrating part. We’re not scoring six, seven runs a game. Are there days where that’s going to happen? Yeah. But for the most part it’s been two, three, four or five. That’s the reality of it right now. I don’t know if we’re capable of getting to five or six runs.”

On Tuesday, for the first time since April 24, the Yankees crossed home 10+ times, installing hope in their fans that the bats were about to pick things up.

However, over the next couple of contests that idea was quickly proven incorrect, with the Yanks scoring just five combined runs in disappointing losses to Texas and Boston. 


  1. Isn't the job of the hitting coach to figure out why the hitters aren't hitting?

  2. Not in New York. We're more worried about him putting out hitting guru DVD's

  3. Question for all those blaming Long for our hitting troubles, I have asked this before; Long can work with a hitter but, if they won't adapt what he is teaching them, who's fault is it if they don't improve?

    1. Exactly. Long can only do so much

    2. Well here's a seldom talked about fact. A few years ago, Jeter took Long's advice and ditched his stride. It didn't work, Jeter got injured and worked with his original minor league hitting coach. Came back the next year and led MLB in hits.

    3. Jeff beat me to it.

      And if the players wont listen to Long then they don't respect him. Why is he here if the players wont work with him and listen to him? Fire him either way, he's not getting what he is being paid to do done..

      Bottom line.


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