Friday, August 22, 2014

My Apology Letter to Derek Jeter

I unfortunately had to write one of these for both Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera last year and I feel compelled to do so once again for Derek Jeter. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that George Steinbrenner passed away and left the team to his sons who know nothing about the game of baseball. I’m sorry that the Yankees flirted with the idea of cutting payroll and getting under the luxury tax that set us back a few seasons. I’m sorry you’re spending your final season on a mediocre team that spent right at $500 million this offseason and still is likely to fall under the 85 wins that the 2013 Yankees won.

This team does not have the heart, will, and determination that a lot of the teams you have been on and led and that is no fault of your own. You WANT to be out on the field every day where others take days off like they’re getting paid for them anyway. You WANT to win where others just simply expect to win not knowing that this is not enough by itself.

I’m sorry Jete and I will reiterate this when the Yankees are eliminated this season. Even if you can lead the charge into the postseason I cannot see this team running the table. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Do me one favor Jete, not that you owe me anything, make sure the door hits Kevin Long on the ass when you leave.


Daniel Burch

P.S. I sure could use a gift basket. Go Yankees!

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