Friday, August 22, 2014

Rusney Castillo Off Yankees Board, Signs w/ Boston

Who didn't see this one coming? Rusney Castillo will not be a member of the New York Yankees but will instead sign with the Boston Red Sox. Castillo got a seven year deal worth a rumored $72.5 million in guaranteed money from Boston. This is really a six year deal as the 2014 season counts as one of the seven years and will keep Castillo in Boston through the 2020 season, or his age 33 season. The Red Sox saved some money on the luxury tax by technically making this a seven year deal with a small base salary for 2014.

Castillo will have a limited no trade clause and will earn a pro-rated amount of the $500 K league minimum salary for the rest of 2014. Boston has out smarted the Yankees once again. Go figure.


  1. Something in the pit of my stomach tells me we're going to regret this one.

    1. Me too. Especially on the deal that the Red Sox were able to pull off. The guy is making a mere $100K this season and they paid all his signing bonus upfront which saves them a ton on the luxury tax... the luxury tax that kept the Yankees from even making an offer or bid on Castillo.

    2. Boston won't need much pitching with Ortiz, Cespedes and now Castillo...what a bunch of chumps the Yankee Bookkeepers are. They couldn't or wouldn't come up with the money for this guy. This one, has to be on Hal and Randy, because Cashman can't do anything without the money.
      Our only hope is that we can get a under 30 year old player in FA....or play with what we may already have and then"adapt and improvise" IF needed. The pitching looks good for next year, but we will need a healthy Tex, Beltran, Tanaka, Pineda.
      For all we know, we may already have a Castillo on the farm but, we will never know unless they are given a chance to show what they can do.

  2. This is not the Yankees Team I was brought up watching. We have a couple guys that work at their game hard and play hard. Others, seem to go through the motions.
    Prado is a keeper, as I and Daniel have pointed out before. He, Cisco, Ellsbury, Headley and Brett are the only ones that have a drive to win...other than the pitchers.


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