Friday, August 22, 2014

The New York Yankees Season Is Over

Hello friend, Mr. Optimism here with a change of scenery. The Yankees season is over, it’s done. I’ve already written my apology letter to Derek Jeter for sending him out on these terms and the Yankees continue to put the nails in their own coffin. New York struggles to beat teams like the Houston Astros, seriously? The team can’t score past the fifth inning, can’t manufacture a run, have tons of speed and don’t steal bases enough (death stare at Brett Gardner), and the team wastes great pitching performance after great pitching performance. Even if the team did make the playoffs by some miracle they aren’t getting past the ALDS, write it down.

The Yankees have 38 games left including this afternoon’s game and the schedule seemed favorable after the All Star Break. The Yankees played the majority of their games at home and played against AL East foes and struggling teams like the Astros, White Sox, Rangers, Red Sox, etc. The Yankees have not taken advantage of this soft schedule like playoff teams tend to do and have gone basically .500 the whole way. There is an old saying that my friend Patrick (little p patrick not Patrick) taught me and that’s that .500 teams don’t make up ground in the standings.

I don’t like to be all doom and gloom and I didn’t want to put a damper on your day but I had to get this out and off my chest. I’m saddened, I’m frustrated, and I can’t hold it in any longer. This team is going nowhere this season and that really breaks my heart. Maybe I have too much invested into this team I don’t know.

Let’s win one today and bring my hopes back up, shall we?


  1. little p patrick....will now complete the learning observation :
    A .500 team does not make up ground in the standings. A .500 team circles the drain much slower
    than a lesser club, and will tear your heart out as it does so. A .500 team, stares like a cow in
    the meadow, as Cuban All-Stars float by like puffy white clouds on a summers day.

    Mr. tried very hard. Think back to a few months ago...we all sensed something
    was off track. You could smell this fish, before it was unwrapped.
    Have a few cold long necks tonight, and hug your wife.

  2. I may take that advice patrick, sure enough.

  3. AN EYE OPENER !!.....I just had the opportunity to watch a video re: Kyle Roller. the
    Scranton Pa....first baseman. Also, featuring an interview with him.
    Big, strong lefty power hitter.
    Reminded me of a Yankee call-up from years back....Dan Pasqua. Mickey Mantle walks into
    the Yankee locker room one day, and meets Dan Pasqua for the first time. Stunned for
    a moment, Mantle pauses, and says to Pasqua..." Hey, you look like me !"..( same build,
    heavily muscled )...It was funny.

    @ Anyway, how does this young first baseman, break into the Yankee 25 man roster ?
    How does young talent get their shot ?

  4. REALLY ?.....Roller & Refsnyder for Konerko ? .....And Konerko retires the next spring ?
    Another dream ?............Sure 'nough, son.

  5. SPAMMER REED...from Hell's Kitchen, Lake Erie.

    Did you check your trap lines this week ?
    How many different ways can you cook muskrat ? the adventures of this years 25 man.
    I would be creative, and do everything I could, to move / release players, before Sept 1st.
    What we have is not working. They do try, but so do people in wheelchairs.

    Clear out space, bring up hungry youth, grab a sidearm....and go after after the last
    thirty something games. Tonight its already 3-0. The ship is taking on water.

    The girl we brought to the dance, has had female cramps for months.

    @ Some now call me ' little p patrick '.....Sounds like some old porno actor.

    1. Hay Patrick, two guys in wheelchairs helped me take care of those thee guys bothering them in the Casino. They were great! Did I tell you they were trying to take me to court for that? The Judge tossed it out, with a chuckle!
      Don't mess with guys in wheelchairs, they are tough!

    2. little p patrick the porn star

  6. The Konerko trade was extreme sarcasm. My point was the only way Roller is going to play in the majors is if Brian Cashman trades him for a veteran well past his prime. He isn't going to get his chance here in the Bronx, it's been proven time and time again.

  7. Extreme Sarcasm ?...
    No..... Konerko would have been useful, for 6 weeks. Maybe dumping ice on people.

    Why have a farm system, that many get bent out of shape over, if you send what the
    farm opposing teams ?
    This team needs a transfusion. Without culling the heard, 2015 will be no different.

    I'm done tonight....I also beat a drum, that no one hears.

  8. At least we beat the Martin Prado drum....


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