Friday, August 22, 2014

Make Sure Stephen Drew Doesn’t Touch a Bat Again This Season

Just a quick rant type post this Friday afternoon to get going, can the Yankees make sure that Stephen Drew never touches a bat again in a Yankee uniform? If so that would be great, thanks. Drew has added nothing, and I mean nothing, offensively to this team and has somehow found a way to be a downgrade over Brian Roberts on the offensive side of the ball. You have Martin Prado who can play more than adequately at second base defensively and seemingly his bat has come to life. Ichiro Suzuki hasn’t been Ichiro Suzuki with the bat lately but riding the pine may have gave him a second wind.

Even with Ichiro struggling and basically being a singles hitter at this point in his career he may still be a better option than Drew. At least Ichiro doesn’t consistently give away at bats and gets on base when he can. Drew… Drew is what Drew was when we acquired him unfortunately. Brian Cashman tried to ride a hot streak and catch lightning in a bottle and it didn’t work, it happens.

You don’t have to keep compounding the problem by throwing him back out there night after night, in the seventh spot no less. It really pisses me off to see a Francisco Cervelli or a Prado hitting behind Drew in the lineup. If you have this fascination with Drew like Joe Girardi seemingly has then at least bat him ninth and put the best lineup you can on the field.

It’s late, really late, and the team cannot afford to have the bat in Drew’s hand one more time this season or it’s over…

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