Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nick's Pick's: Yankees VS Orioles 8/13/14

Monday's game was disgusting to say the least. Things looked like they were going really well with a Yankee lead and Capuano pitching his best; then disaster struck. One pitch to Chris Davis later, the Yankees found themselves down and out. Tonight is a new game though, and after the rain postponing last nights game the rest might help provide a plus for this battered Yankees team. 

Michael Pineda is coming back for the Yankees tonight, starting his first game since April 23 and the Yankees have never needed him more than now. Hopefully the Pineda who pitched to a 1.83 ERA in four starts can bring in a win tonight. The Orioles will be countering with Chris Tillman, which is bad news for Yankee hitters. Tillman has been dealing as of late and since the All-Star game Tillman is pitching with a 2.30 ERA. Looking at pick's for tonight's game were hard, mostly because who knows how well Pineda will pitch and if the Yankees will even hit off of Tillman. Hoping for the best, but here we go. 

Top Pitcher: I am going to stick with my huge support for the starters and predict that Pineda comes back strong and gives the Yankees six strong innings while racking up seven strikeouts. He will give up two runs, but by limiting the runners on base I think he will provide enough for a win. 

Top Hitter: This will be tough, as Yankee hitters are struggling but I think we will see Jacoby Ellsbury help tonight. Ellsbury has faced Tilllman enough to know how he pitches and I think he will go 2-5 with a double and two RBI's. That pick rides on a lot of luck and a little fairy dust. 

Clutch Performer: I have went defense before with my clutch performer and tonight look for Francisco Cervelli to provide some amazing defense behind the plate. Pineda needs his catcher to call a great game, and Cervelli knows how much the Yankees need this game and a healthy Pineda. I can see his defense being the difference maker tonight. 

I am a glass half full kind of guy, but at the same time I know it has water in it regardless. Whether you call me a realist or an optimist I have to go with the Yankees. There is no way we can lose tonight, but if we do the world will still turn. The division hangs on every game, and tonight the Yankees will walk away with a crazy 4-3 win. 

I figured I would take this moment to express my thoughts on the passing of legend Robin Williams. Williams was not only my idol, but was an idol to many around the world. His loss has hit me hard, and knowing he is gone is still surreal to me. What he did in his life is something no one can match, and I will forever be grateful that I had the opportunity to watch him everyday. The Yankees know about legends, and Robin Williams was the Babe Ruth of comedy; no one can or will come close to his greatness. Here is a clip with Williams talking about his experience at Yankee Stadium.  

RIP Robin Williams: 1951-2014 "Cricket is basically baseball on valium" 

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