Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yankees Lose A Game They Were Winning When It Ended.... Say What?

This has not happened very often in the history of Major League Baseball and it wouldn't happen again after this day in 1978. The Yankees somehow found a way to lose a game that they were winning when the game was called, sounds a lot like the 2014 version of the Yankees. Conveniently the Yankees and the Orioles were playing on this day in 1978 as well.

The Yankees were losing 3-0 heading into the top of the 7th inning in Baltimore when the rains came. The Yankees had scored five runs in the top of the inning and were actually winning the game when the umpires called the game and called the game rained out. The old rules reverted back to the last completed inning to end the game once it's official which had the Yankees trailing by that 3-0 score.

This rule would eventually be changed in 1980 to the rules we know today and in this case would have seen the game suspended. Talk about finding a creative way to lose. You really can't predict baseball Suzyn.

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