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The Daily Dozen - August 8, 2014

The Daily Dozen - August 8th, 2014
(Twelve Takeaways from Last Night's Game--No Pictures Edition)

1. You have to take advantage of 1-2 counts as a pitcher.  I don't know how many times I've seen Yankees opponents get big hits after the pitcher has started out 1-2 against them.  Make them chase the ball on the outside corner.  This very instance occurred in the 1st inning last night when Carlos Santana hit an RBI single with a 3-2 count after being down 1-2.

2. Derek Jeter ties the "Flying Dutchmen" with 3,430 hits.  I bet it wasn't the hit that he wanted to tie for 6th all-time on the career list as it should have been considered an error, but we'll all take it, right?  I mean after getting his 3,000th hit with a HR any other milestone would probably be a let down anyways.  More on Honus Wagner when Jeter passes the Hall of Famer (hopefully today).

3. Cleveland is basically the worst defense in Major League Baseball.  Way to go Native Americans!  If it wasn't for their offense for most of the season, they would be in dire straits.

4. Walking in runs is a big no-no.  Then again, so is walking the bases loaded right before a Grand Slam...but it didn't keep the Native Americans from doing it in last night's game.

5. The floodgates opened up early AND late for the Yankees.  Crooked numbers win games...this hasn't happened too much this season as the Yankees score one run on most occassions and that's it.  Thankfully they didn't have to pitch in tense situations as per usual late in the game.

6. You can thank Shane Greene.  By pitching into the 9th inning in Thursday's game versus the Tigers, Mr. Greene saved the bullpen allowing for a bigger role by relievers in last night's game started by Esmil Rogers.

7. Is it just me or does it look like Trevor Bauer balks every time he gets in his wind up?  I'm just saying...

8. I wouldn't pitch to Brantley at all.  WALK HIM EVERY TIME.  The guy is just money against the Yankees just as David Ortiz was years ago.  He crushed the Yankees in Cleveland.  He had a huge double in the game and would have probably done it again in 8th inning had they not walked him to score a run.  Obviously Santana came up big in the next at-bat, but Brantely for SURE would have done damage.

9. As a lefty with a man on second, WHY, I MEAN WHY are you pitching away?  David Huff just flabbergasts me sometimes.

10. Unselfishness.  This has driven Derek Jeter's career.  With a chance to pass Honus Wagner in the bottom of the 6th with 2 men on, he laid down a perfect sacrifice bunt to move the runners over into scoring position.  Both runners scored and the Yankees got 5 runs that inning.  Well done Mr. Captain, well done!

11. Carlos Beltran gets his 11th career grand slam to put the game out of reach.  He increased his RBI total by 5 to 49 and now has 14 home runs on the season.  I could see him ending somewhere in the 22 HR, 75 RBI range, which isn't bad considering the injury plagued season the Yankees have had.  I just hope he proves clutch in the playoffs should they be reached.

12. There were many Yankee greats at the Stadium last night.  They are in town for Paul O'Neill day, which starts in 10 minutes as his number is retired and he gets enshrined in Monument Park. Congrats to the Warrior!

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