Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Looking Back: My Predictions For Rookie of the Year For 2014

Back in March of this season, like I do every season, I predicted all the major award winners for the upcoming season. Usually I do a terrible job at these predictions, or any predictions really, but I didn't do terrible on this one. Originally I had Masahiro Tanaka for the New York Yankees winning the award and the Cincinnati Reds' Billy Hamilton taking it home for the NL. Hamilton has a legitimate shot at winning the award for the NL, although I personally voted for David Peralta, and Tanaka would have likely won the award had he not missed the better part of three months with a partial tear of his UCL. Jose Dariel Abreu is likely to win the award for the AL now and he deserves it. See below for the original post we made back in March:

Call me a homer, call it not fair, call it whatever but the rules are the rules and Masahiro Tanaka is eligible for the Rookie of the Year and he will win it. It will be the first time in a long time a member of the New York Yankees won the award but it will be well deserved, his time in Japan or not. Go Tanaka!

This may be the easy pick here but the Cincinnati Reds Billy Hamilton has everyone in the league talking, and for good reason. His speed, his bat, his defense, and his chance to play every day with Shin Soo Choo gone will be enough to net him the award.

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