Tuesday, September 23, 2014

There is Only One Way to Speed the Game Up

Major League Baseball announced yesterday that a new committee was formed to look at way to speed up the game starting in 2015 and beyond. First and foremost I think the days of four or five hour Yankees and Red Sox games are over and the need is just not there anymore, not at this large of a capacity anyway. I don’t have the stats in front of me but if I had to guess I would say that games are much shorter on average these days than they were in the early to late 2000’s. Anyway, I digress, there is only one way to speed up the game and that is to hit the players and the umpires in the wallet.

There are already rules in place for the batters and the pitcher to speed the game up, the problem is that none of them are enforced. There is something around a 15 second time limit for your walk up music and to be in the batters box ready to go after the last recorded out that is never enforced. There is a time limit between pitches for both the batter and the pitcher that is never enforced.

If you’re going to have rules then you must enforce them. Instead of setting up a committee to make new rules that aren’t going to be enforced or followed either why not just stick with what you have? This sounds like it’s going to be a debacle much like the home plate collision rule that has somehow become objective and inconsistent in its enforcement.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken and don’t throw crap against the wall hoping it will stick. 


  1. ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS...to avoid Kenneth's 2015 FUBAR :
    We'll start slowly........
    a) Who is next years back-up catcher ?
    b) Who is the 2015 starting 2nd baseman ?
    c) Who will be the power hitting corner outfielder ?
    d) Who is the 2015 Yankee shortstop ?
    e) Will Alex Rodriquez only make things worse, when lumped in with Tex, and Beltran ?
    f ) Will the Yankees fail to score more then two runs a game, 50x again next year ? And why ?
    g) Who can be traded from this two run a game juggernaut, 25 man roster ?
    h) Will Sabathia be a .500 pitcher, with a 5.00+ ERA ?
    i ) Youth, and power ?....a thing of the past ?

    I have to stop. Work to do in the rear yard.
    Much work to do, while some here hope this group makes this years playoffs. Why ?

  2. a) Cervelli unless traded, then Murphy.
    b) very likely to be Martin Prado is history is any indicator. Should be Refsnyder.
    c) Carlos Beltran #puke
    d) JJ Hardy said he would be interested if the Yankees called
    e) worse, no. Better? no.
    f) yes because there isn't many spots to upgrade other than SS
    g) young guys like Wheeler, Cervi, relievers, etc. No one substantial
    h) Slightly better in my opinion.
    i) as long as Cashman is running the show, yes.

    1. a) Cervelli, Murphy, or Romine will be traded.
      b) very likely to be Refsnyder if he can win the job from Prado. Prado is the better utility player.
      c) Carlos Beltran #puke
      d) Drew or Ryan.
      e) worse, no. Better? Yes.
      f) no, because we will have A-Rod back and unless I miss my guess...he has much to prove!
      g) Your guess is as good as any.
      h) Slightly better in my opinion...he has had a year to rest his arm and legs but must build his legs in spring training.
      i) No, because we will have young guys make the team in 2015.

    2. Those who have taken the quiz, please move up to the front row.

    3. A) Romine, Cervelli and Murphy will get traded
      B) Prado, Girardi will never give Refsnyder a serious look until he has no other options.
      C) Beltran
      D) Ryan, don't see any other realistic options. Don't see them spending here.
      E) No, I still think his presence changes the way others are pitched to. Plus, nothing can make this DH logjam worse.
      F) No, we'll better years from Beltran/McCann/ Teix.
      G) Cervelli/Romine/Murphy
      H) Not next year, but it's not that far off. Judge/Jagielo/Austin/Sanchez/Refsnyder.

    4. Just realized I messed that up a little. H) was supposed to be I), and as far as H) is concerned, CC will be a .500 pitcher with an era around 4.50. The bright side is that he should eat at least 175 innings. Something we only had 1 pitcher accomplish this year.

    5. JEFF LEVIN....move on up to the front row.
      You can sit next to little Daniel. Little Kenneth is in the corner, for saying FUBAR again.

  3. JJ HARDY....31-33 year old, with the back of a 60 year old man. Has gone from 25 HRS to 9, in
    one season. Stay in the Harbor, and eat crab cakes.

    Daniel paints a picture of disaster. The winter meetings are when ?

  4. I predicted disaster once this season (for 2015) already and I don't feel any better about it today.

  5. patrick...does not see, nor subscribe to status quote.

    In my mind, if I can lay out nine questions pertaining to the 2015 season, in a matter of minutes.
    I assume, very strongly, that Yankee management must have an additional 109 questions.

    Some solutions, with big red circles around new player names, that can right this ship.
    That is their business, and source of income. Excuse me, but this is not rocket science.
    Think, before you walk

    To say that this same bunch will scramble out of the dugout next April, would disappoint me.
    It is too idiotic, to try to visualize that scene.

    I see change, good change.
    I love the off season, maybe more than the real one. But, that's me.

    This can be fixed. They are close. Catholic candles from Turkey, not with standing.

    If anything close to this squad, is fist bumping each other next April, as they line up on the
    first base line........I swear, I will do this no longer. My mouse, goes to the s--t can.

  6. I would like to know where you see us upgrading at next season, and be realistic. It's easy to say trade A Rod, trade Teixeira, trade Beltran, trade Sabathia, eat their salaries, etc. but history would prove that this is highly unlikely.

    We have "locks" at 1B, 2B, 3B, LF, CF, RF/DH, C. Teixeira, Prado, A Rod, Gardner, Ellsbury, Beltran, McCann.

  7. MY WORDS...stand on their own.
    My words have not once mentioned the word trade, with the names listed above.
    The only ' locks ' for next year are 1B & catcher. All the other positions can have new faces, or
    be maned by players who are shifted.

    That is the game, those are the first dealt cards.

    1. While Gardner and Ellsbury can be shifted, the point is that they are definitely going to be starting next season. And I'm willing to bet you can pencil in Prado at 2B or RF, too. Add Beltran to the list of players that will be starting on Opening Day 2015.

      So, while it may be true that 1B and catcher are the only positions locked up, six of the nine lineup spots are taken.

      PS - I don't agree that ARod is a lock. If I had to bet I'd say he was in there, but a guy at his age, with his health problems, and having already taken nearly two years off, should not be considered a lock.

    2. Bryan, while I agree with your thought basis...for any other player than A-Rod. We are dealing with a guy that has to reclaim his honor and show the baseball world he is not done yet! As with most stars, their EGO will not let them fail...in their minds. What we will get from him in 2015...I have no idea. But if he shows up at the Tampa place and starts working out as soon as possible, we may end-up with a 3/4 A-Rod of 2009. Then again he may just retire, which I think is not in the cards, as of yet!

  8. PROGRESSIVE THINKING....rules the day.
    " It's just not fair ! Everyone should have a fair chance !"...Communism 101.

    The Yankees hit too many home runs, not fair. That was corrected, how did that work out ?
    The Yankees spend too much money...( forget this years spending, the cancer was already planted)
    ....so how did that work out ?

    Please kick those hand wringers in the ass. And put ' A Yankee team, back on the field again.'

  9. ENDING...circling the drain.

    Yankees officially eliminated. Good. It has made my day. It is over.
    Ever have a family member on life support ?...After countless days, you are screaming inside,
    will someone please pull the f----- plug !
    This carnival act was going nowhere.

  10. A Rod is a lock, in my opinion, because of the contract. That all depends on his health obviously but still, I think he is either at third base or DH next season.

  11. patrick

    I hate to agree with you but I am glad as well that the team was eliminated. So much heartbreak, now we have closure.

  12. NUMBER TWO...on a cold, damp night.

    Being sentimental, is a big part of being Irish.
    Tonight, I never thought this would happen to me, but I am caught up in the moment.
    Tonight is Derek's last game wearing the pinstripes. Twenty years ? Can not believe it.

    Just watched the YES Network, interview his mother, and father. Such fine folks. He was blessed.
    Was stunned at first, because he looks exactly like his mom.

    Time to crack some cold ones, and say goodbye to our Captain.
    Being sentimental will allow me to shed a tear. Not ashamed to say that.
    Go get'em Captain !

  13. NUMBER TWO.......BRAVO !
    It was a great evening to get emotional........BRAVO !

  14. What a way to end a Yankee career, no? He somehow continues to one up himself.. and we continue to be amazed when we really shouldn't be.


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