Sunday, October 12, 2014

If the Giants Make the World Series...

If the San Francisco Giants make the World Series this season they may owe the Yankees organization and the Steinbrenner family a share of the funds that comes with the trip. San Francisco has seven former Yankees just on their coaching staff alone. Here is the list:

  • Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti spent the 1979-1990 seasons in the Bronx. 
  • Giants hitting coach Hensley Meulens spent the 1989-1993 seasons in the Bronx. 
  • Giants first base coach Roberto Kelly spent the 1987-1992 and the 2000 season in NY.
  • Giants assistant hitting coach Joe Lefebvre spent the 1980 season in pinstripes.
  • Giants base running coordinator Henry Cotto spent the 1985-1987 seasons with the Yankees. 
  • Giants assistant JT Snow was a Yankee in 1992. 
Shout out to It Is High for the list....

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