Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bud Selig “Applauds” Giancarlo Stanton’s Contract

What a two-faced back stabbing, well you get the point I was going to make. Bud Selig came out in an interview recently at the conclusion of the meetings in Kansas City by announcing how happy he was with the Giancarlo Stanton and Miami Marlins contract the two sides agreed upon this week. Selig was quoted as saying the deal was “objective of everything we did” when it came to changing the game’s economic model including revenue sharing and the luxury tax.

Nowhere in the statement did Selig mention that Jeffrey Loria sold off players, had multiple fire sale, and gouged his fans both in the stadium and by conning his way into having the fans pay for his new stadium. Nowhere was Selig to be found when Alex Rodriguez scored his big contract(s) with the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees jumping up and down for joy and for the game. I’ll leave you with this quote from the interview from Mr. Selig:

"What I like is individual franchises making decisions to make themselves better, Selig said. "I've been reading all the clips, and I do think they're happy in South Florida, and they should be. It's a good sign, a very good sign for them, and that's how you have to look at it."


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