Saturday, November 22, 2014

Does a Nick Swisher Reunion Make Sense?

Reportedly the Cleveland Indians are looking to trade Nick Swisher in a salary dump or in a trade that brings back another “bad” contract to rid themselves of the first baseman and outfielder. Would a reunion to New York make sense for the Yankees and make sense in a trade with the Indians?

Swisher played predominantly first base in his two seasons with Cleveland after playing right field for much of his career prior, including four seasons with the Yankees. While New York doesn’t exactly have a spot for Swisher in the outfield the team definitely has a need at first base. The problem is the days of having a true backup first baseman are over seemingly around the league as teams looks for more versatility and flexibility on their benches. I don’t believe, and defensive metrics would back me up if I wanted to shove a few down your throats to prove my point, Swisher would be even average anywhere else besides first base or the outfield making him one of the least versatile and flexible players of the team if acquired.

Another road block in a potential reunion would be the trade itself as the team would likely not want to give up anything of value in a trade if they are taking on the salary. Think of the players that will not or could not be protected in the Rule 5 Draft for December and not a Luis Severino type here. New York could always unload a bad contract but the problem is the worst contracts they have are bad because of huge money and/or no trade clauses. As much as it would be nostalgic and fun to have Swisher back in the Yankees lineup a trade seems unlikely, he does not exactly fill a need, and it’s just not fiscally responsible right now for New York. Oh well, life goes on. 


  1. Bringing back this clown is something our clown of a gm would even consider. He can't hit in th playoffs, oh wait we haven't made them the past two seasons so lets give Cashman a three year contract. makes sense. Back to the other clown named Swisher. He is on way to being out of the league in the next year or so and taking his contract on whether Cleveland gives us major salary relief on it or not makes no sense. We have enough stiffs in this line-up with Aroid, Tex, Beltran. There is no need to add Swisher

    1. Hi Ken Hans,
      Who would take the job as GM? Not any of the big name GMs! Have you looked at the guys we have in the minor leagues lately? I can't ever remember a stronger bunch of players than what we have coming of age now and very soon. He has had to do with what he has to work with...The Tampa Cabal and two brothers that only read the back of a players card and pay no attention to the age of said players.

      Perk-up Ken, maybe the Tampa Cabal will give Cashman $$$$$ to sign this Cuban SS!
      Your comments were worth reading, hope to read more of them soon!

    2. Welcome back Mr. Hans, and with a flurry I might add.

    3. Reed,

      Frank Wren would have been an interesting sign. I actually like what he did in Atlanta. On a long enough timeline every GM gets burned by a BJ Upton and a Dan Uggla.

    4. True Boss, I have been saying every GM get burned over the years. I would have tried to get Showalter as GM if I had my way. He helped "Stick" with the Players when he was manager. Everywhere he goes he transforms the team by dumping and getting players that he likes and will fit.

  2. One must remember, Cashman is starting on his 20th year with the Yankees. How many mistakes can we really attribute to him and not the Bosses? He never comes out and says he had nothing to do with this or that trade. Both A-Rods and Jeters last contracts were over his head. CC had his contract force feed to Cashman by the Cabal. Tex got more years than Cash had offered him at first but not much more money...was that Cashman or someone higher up pulling the strings?
    We all know when your boss tells you to do something you do it.
    Again, may I reiterate, look at the farm system this year, he has had a hand in building it up by not trading every good kid in the system. That is why "Stick" put him in charge of the farm system back in the beginning but it takes a long time to find the right people to do what should be done and has been done these last few years.
    Cashman is a great organizer but NOT a Talent Scout, he brings guys in to do that.
    20 years is a lot of time to make a lot of mistakes, don't you think?
    I would have replaced him if there was a good GM out there that would work for the team, as it is now constructed!

  3. Buck would have been great to get inside the organization again but he seemingly hates us after what George did. Not likely that would ever happen unfortunately.

    1. Yah, it's funny, because two strong willed guys bumped heads on a trade George wanted to make. George being the boss did what he always was best at...fired him! The funny thing was, When showalter started the other team he went out and got the guy that the boss traded away. I remember it because the Boston papers made a big deal out of it.
      No, I can't recall the players name, maybe one of you guys remember it!

  4. Doesn't ring a bell with me but I was 10 years old when it happened, lol.


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