Monday, November 3, 2014

Joel Sherman Predicts Top 10 Free Agent Salaries

The New York Yankees are expected to once again be active in the Hot Stove and free agency market, even if it's a one and done type winter, so I found it interesting when Joel Sherman of the New York Post predicted the salaries of the Top 10 free agents this winter. Should this keep the Yankees away?

Max Scherzer

Projection: 7 years, $175 million

Jon Lester

Projection: 6 years, $145 million

James Shields

Projection: 5 years, $100 million

Yasmany Thomas

Projection: 7 years at $100 million

Pablo Sandoval

Projection: 5 years, $90 million

Hanley Ramirez

Projection: 5 years, $80 million

Nelson Cruz

Projection: 4 years, $72 million

Victor Martinez

Projection: 4 years, $60 million

Melky Cabrera

Projection: 4 years, $52 million

Russell Martin

Projection: 4 years, $52 million


  1. My personal and humble opinion is that the Yankees should avoid all of the players on this list. I see all of them being the next generation of bad contracts that are currently plaguing the roster.

    1. What do you know, we both agree!
      With one caveat, Milky Cabrera?!? We could use him for his bat and he still plays good defence!
      What do you guys think of him as a fourth outfielder, because Baltarn will go down again. If he wants to be a starter, which I am sure he is a no go!

    2. I actually had a post scheduled for Wednesday that said the same exact thing Jeff.... guess that makes this a threesome....

      No way Melky, a guy getting a qualifying offer, takes a 4th OF job.

    3. Yup, that's what I done said. He is 30 years old right, well next year he will be.
      #1...I would have Baltran as the DH, whether he likes it or not and plug Melky into right field, left and center. I think with his defense and hitting he would be more valuable to the team than is Beltran.
      #2...Keep Baltran and use him, Tex and A-Rod as rotating DH and RF, 1st and 3rd. Have Prado play wherever needed and let Refsnyder play full time at 2nd...which puts Prado on the bench more than he would like.


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