Monday, November 3, 2014

2015 Free Agency Royal Rumble – Third Baseman

Ladies and gentleman welcome to the 2015 Major League Baseball free agency Royal Rumble brought to you by The Greedy Pinstripes. Tonight we have all the potential third base options for the New York Yankees heading into this winter in one ring vying for the contract of a lifetime, let’s go down to the ring.

In the red corner stands former World Series MVP Pablo Sandoval, in the blue corner stands Hanley Ramirez, in the green corner stands Chase Headley, and in the black corner stands Mark Reynolds. Let’s get it on!

Hanley Ramirez hurts himself getting into the ring but tries to fight through it. When things did not go his way against Pablo Sandoval he threw a temper tantrum hurting himself even more and had to forfeit his chance at the contract. Chase Headley steps into the ring boasting his AL East and New York Yankees experience and mixes it with his ability to play first and third base and steps to Mark Reynolds. Reynolds laughs at Headley as he also has experience both in the AL East and in the Bronx and boasts that his defense at first base is better than Headley's. Reynolds takes his above average third base defense and right handed power bat and uses it to throw Headley over the top and out of the ring. Sandoval tries to throw Reynolds out of the ring while he is celebrating but gets distracted looking at all the question marks regarding his weight and his durability and Reynolds takes advantage as he throws him out to win the match and the contract.

Congratulations to Mark Reynolds and welcome to the 2015 Yankees on a one year deal worth $10 million.

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