Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Robertson "Letting it All Play Out," Shawn Kelley Says

David Robertson is just weighing his options, Yankees' Reliever Shawn Kelley said.

Kelley joined MLB.com's Bryan Hoch for a phone interview this week, and didn't seem fearful that Robertson is about to leave the team in doing so. He said that he talks to Robertson "once in a while," and that Robertson is just seeing what's out there after rejecting the Yankees' qualifying offer.

"I’ve texted him personally to see what his thoughts are," Kelley said. "Honestly, I think he’s just kind of letting it all play out at this point. Since he turned the qualifying offer down, he might as well hear what the teams have to say and see what the best situation is personally for him.”

Robertson reportedly received interest from the Astros recently, a happening that has some Yankees fans concerned. Had Robertson not turned down New York's original proposal, he'd make $15.3 million in 2015, but has made it clear that he wants more length.

Nonetheless, according to Kelley, Robertson still has a part of him that is open to a return to the Bronx, where he's spent the entirety of his young career.

“I know he loves New York, I know he’s close with Mariano (Rivera) and wants to kind of follow in Mariano’s footsteps,” Kelley said. "...But he’s got to do what’s best and see what’s out there. That’s where he’s at in his career right now. I’ll support anything he does. We’re close friends, we always will be and I want what’s best for him and his family.”

Robertson has gone 25-19 with a 2.81 ERA in 393 1/3 innings pitched since 2008. This season, his first as the Yankees' closer, he successfully converted 39/44 save opportunities, the third most in the American League. 

However, with Dellin Betances now a record-breaking contributor and Adam Warren slowly evolving into a reliable threat, it's beginning to look more and more like the Yankees could still survive without Robertson if they had to, as good as he's been.

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  1. The Yankees can survive without Robertson, but I would really like to see him come back. Even if it is for 4/$52. That being said, relievers really only have 1 shot at a big payday. And that's if they're lucky. I don't blame Robertson at all for testing the market. I wish him nothing but the best no matter what he decides.


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