Saturday, November 15, 2014

Using BIP to Make a Case for Troy Tulowitzki

The Colorado Rockies have at least opened their phone lines to discuss deals for both Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez. The New York Yankees undoubtedly have an interest in Tulowitzki as their shortstop position is currently vacant and their offense in 2014 is still missing in action. When New York acquires or discusses bringing in a big star player to the Bronx I like to take a look at their Balls in Play, or BIP, from their old stadium and compare it to Yankee Stadium.

Many around the league are quick to point out the flaws in Tulo’s game including his injury history and his Coors Field and road game splits. What I did in the image below is I took all the balls that Tulo hit in Coors Field and compared them to Yankee Stadium. Use the color chart below to decipher the image.

Home Runs
Fly Outs

As you can see Tulo would have gained power from hitting in Yankee Stadium. There is always discussions about younger players about their doubles turning into home runs eventually and that is exactly what would happen with Tulo if he came to the Bronx. Conceivably at least two of his fly outs would have been a home run in Yankee Stadium and with the right wind current a few more could have gone out. Tulo would actually get better in New York looking at this picture... imagine that in Pinstripes.

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