Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Are the Yankees going to sign Max Scherzer?

By Eddie Sapienza
With some rotation injuries in 2014 the Yankees needed to sign some pitchers in the offseason. The Yankees traded for Nate Eovaldi and signed Chris Capuano so as of now here would be the rotation.
1. Masahiro Tanaka
2. Michael Pineda
3. CC Sabathia
4. Nathan Eovaldi
5. Chris Capuano

This rotation is pretty solid. Imagine if Max Scherzer was in that rotation to. The Yankees bullpen could be stronger by moving Chris Capuano with a Scherzer signing. Now imagine this rotation.
1. Max Scherzer
2. Masahiro Tanaka
3. Michael Pineda
4. CC Sabathia
5: Nathan Eovaldi

This actually has a chance to happen. Before we all thought Scherzer would come to the Yankees then we didn't and now we do once again. Scherzer won the 2013 CY Young Award and in my opinion is a superb pitcher. He had another great season in 2014. His ERA wasn't great in 2013 and 2014 but Yankee fans would be perfectly fine if he gave up average 2 or 3 runs per game.

Do I think this move will happen probably not. I haven't heard the rumor of him going to any other team besides the Yankees. His agent Scott Boras had a high asking price for him. It will doubtfully be the same if the Yankees talk to Boras about Scherzer again. 180-190 million should be the highest the Yankees will go with Scherzer. I hope Scherzer comes to the Yankees and makes this Yankees rotation better.


  1. Truth be told that rotation w/ Scherzer is still a huge question mark anyway. New York really needed two starting pitchers.

    1. STUPID QUESTION.....regarding Max Scherzer.
      What would George do ?

    2. George would nail him we all know.

    3. George would have had Scherzer, Pablo, and Hanley by now.

  2. edwardgeneral....allow me to say hello.
    You are new to me. If I had missed a prior article / post of yours, it would have had to be because
    of my sometimes horrific working schedule.
    That put aside, I enjoyed your article today, and invite you to join us in the comment section when
    you are able.
    Yes, George would have held a press conference, with newest Yankee, Max Scherzer, by now.

    1. edward has posted three times with us now, we're excited to see what he brings to the table.

      Speaking of eating, Hans dinner is ready my dear.

    And why he may not make it to May. And why he should be listed by some, as the # 24 pitcher.

    This from the Mayo Clinic.
    Sabathia, has Chondromalacia Patella. No cartilage in his right kneecap. He put 260 plus pounds,
    on that damaged knee, every pitch.

    By Mayo Clinic Staff

    Doctors aren't certain what actually causes patellofemoral pain syndrome, but it's been associated with:

    Overuse. Repetitive stress on your knee joint — such as that sustained during running or jumping sports — may result in patellofemoral pain.
    Poor control of your muscles. Patellofemoral pain can occur when the muscles around your hip and knee don't function well to maintain proper tracking of your kneecap.
    Injury. Trauma to the kneecap, such as a dislocation or fracture, has been linked to patellofemoral pain syndrome.
    I'm a cynic at times. I say both Sabathia, and Yankee mgmt, are very much aware of this.
    If he can no longer pitch, and they will know early on.....I feel the Yankees collect on the insurance, and Sabathia sails off forever, to Jamaica.
    It's the same template for what may happen to Alex Rodriquez.
    This would be the ideal dream sequence for Yankee' Mgmt.

    Irish, by nature are cynics. It adds to splendid conversations, while enjoying a fine beer. Coors Light.

    1. Three years of him too, assuming he doesn't spend time on the DL with shoulder injuries and his option vests in 2017.

  4. HANS SOLO...your up.
    I'm getting a bit gassed. Please....mix it up a bit.

  5. First time I have read one of your posts, Ed-G! Thanks for being here, stick around and get to know the commenters a bit more. Most are first rate and intelligent, unlike some places.
    I am one of those old, stuck in the last century commenters, so, don't mind me!
    Anyhow, welcome back edwardgeneral...take your shoes off and, stay awhile!


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