Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Yankees Interested in Hector Olivera

Shortly after the Tampa Bay Rays snatched up shortstop and second base option Asdrubal Cabrera off the free agent market conveniently the New York Yankees were linked to Cuban defecting infielder Hector Olivera. Olivera is 29 years old and would presumably be ready to step right into the major leagues today and play, no seasoning needed, so this is a definite threat to the Robert Refsnyder and Jose Pirela Spring Training 2015 competition for the second base position. I do question the timing though of the report as I do not believe in coincidences but anyway, let's delve deeper.

Olivera's contract demands are being thrown around in the six years and $68.5 million range that Yasmany Tomas received from Arizona. That makes a ton of sense if the projections are true which state that he could be the best Cuban defecting player since Yasiel Puig to come to the United States. Olivera stands 6'2" and weighs in at 220 pounds with a smooth and solid power stroke from the right side of the batters box. Olivera's speed and athleticism are highly praised along with his power making him attractive to more than a few teams, especially considering that he is a true free agent and will not count against a team's international signing caps.

Whether the Yankees are in on Olivera or not and whether the team acquires him or not remains to be seen but the idea of adding him is pretty darn interesting.


  1. DANIEL....a bit more re: Hector Olivera...
    Are there concerns regarding his fielding ? Something I read, said he is under par.
    How does his batting in Cuba, translate over to MLB ?...... We could ask Bryan.
    Age is 29 ? Their arithmetic skills in Cuba, are different than ours... Again, Bryan may know.

    What say you ? ...Any chance ?
    The young guys could then be packaged off, for a starter.....I know, ask Bryan.

    1. I haven't read much specifically on his defense either way. When I read things like athleticism and speed I think he cannot be terrible, especially at second base. That's all a presumption anyway.

      And 29 probably means 32, you're right.

    2. And a 32 year old 2nd baseman, wanting a 6 year deal and big time money. Haven't we had enough of 38+ year old infielders?
      Six years at $10m a year isn't too much, if he is that good! Again are they going for young and in house players or not? If they are, then, pass on him. In a year or so, we will have players that can play in the Big Show...infield, outfield and pitchers!
      One or more will handle 2nd base very well, we have many hard nosed players none of whom may ever be stars, but they will get the job done just as well. Outfielders and infielders making our pitching look better than they really are, is a very good thing!

    3. Well the six year contract is assumed by all the reports I've read, nothing has reported something he actually said or asked for. All presumptions, much like I presumed he was 32 and not turning 29.

    4. Let me be a pessimist, and say he is really 32! 6 year contract puts him at 38 years old, unless he has good health we may end up paying for 4 years of good work then................?


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