Friday, December 19, 2014

BREAKING: Yankees Trade Prado & Phelps for Eovaldi & Jones

The New York Yankees have traded Martin Prado and David Phelps to the Miami Marlins for backup first baseman Garrett Jones, RHP Nathan Eovaldi and a pitching prospect Domingo German. German is intriguing after pitching over 120 innings last season with a sub three ERA but it was in Low A Ball making him at least two seasons away if not more.

The deal makes sense from a pitching standpoint long term as I personally believe Eovaldi will be better than Phelps but losing Prado for a true backup first baseman makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. While it opens the door for Robert Refsnyder and Jose Pirela, which I agree with, it makes the team worse and I cannot stand that.

The deal makes sense if we're rebuilding but signing Headley and Miller does not fit in to that philosophy. I'm confused. Stay tuned. 


  1. I can't disagree with your assessment more. Let's look at the numbers as they don't lie. Phelps is a wash at worst case scenario. Eovaldi throws harder which doesn't mean squat i.e Greg Maddux you might have heard of him. Anyway back to the pitchers in the trade. Phelps 90/91 MPH with a 2014 win loss record of 5 and 5 with a 4.38. Career he is 15-14 with a career era of 4.21 in the American league. Eovaldi last year 6-14 with a 4.37 and a career 15-35 with a 4.07 in the National league. He gave up the most hits and has a poor strikeout ratio especially with someone who is suppose to be in the high 90's. Guy's remember Kyle Farnsworth 98-99 who threw straight. These are major league hitters and they will turn around a fastball if its straight. Give me 90 and movement and I will take that over 98 and straight any day of the week.

    To me that was a wash at best and personally I give Phelps the advantage. Remember guys go with the evidence which is the numbers. Eovaldi is back of rotation guys just as Phelps was. Next we get a journeyman 1st baseman that has some pop and will be alright. Nothing more nothing less and then the throw in alleged prospect. Alleged because I don't think Cashman is a good talent evaluator and as I believe Jeff said in another post so was Jose Campos who was suppose to have a lights out arm. To add salt on the open wound we gave them a quality ball player and we have to pay 6 million dollars of his salary. Hood winked was Cashman, but hey why would that surprise me or anyone that looks at the numbers.

    I believe this also was a Cash dump and I don't care what anyone on this board tells me Hal doesn't care about winning, he cares about the Benjamin's. These moves are just like 2012 and it will result in terrible baseball and again no playoffs and that is what George built this franchise on which was WS or bust. Not making the playoffs are unheard of especially three years in a row if we fail again.

    This team is poorly constructed with too many if's and's and but's and I am sick and tired of people saying th potential is there. Having potential and delivering on it is two separate things and if you couldn't do it in the National league how do you expect to do it in the American league. Numbers don't lie

  2. Phelps is more of a "sure thing" and he is what eh is at this point. Eovaldi has room to grow, that was more or less the point of the post. Especially when I said "long term."

    Eovaldi is 24 and Phelps is 28.

    Also German seems legit but he is just in A Ball and a lot can happen. Campos was thought of as a great prospect as well, agreed, but no one can predict Tommy John surgery. German was the Mariners 6th best prospects and the 8th best in the Marlins system when he was traded.

  3. This shows me which I already knew was that Cashman trades for everyone else arms because he can't develop his own, secondly these guys have bounced around and are on their second and third teams which means teams have given up on them twice already.

    1. In defense of Eovaldi he was the center piece in the Hanley Ramirez deal between the Marlins and the Dodgers. This was back before the team showed the restraint to trade top talent like they have now with Joc Pederson.

      Garrett Jones was never really highly touted at any of his stops, he was simply a throw in in my opinion. He fits with the team backing up 1B, RF, and DH and can hit 15-20 home runs on the bench if he gets enough at bats.

      German is the one to be most excited about but is so far away.


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