Friday, December 19, 2014

Alex Rodriguez May Improve the 2015 DH Position

Believe it or not, and many out there reading this are leaning towards the “not” already after reading the title, Alex Rodriguez may improve the team by being the DH in 2015. Hear me out and remember that in 2014 New York’s DH’s combined to hit just .230/.290/.372 ranking 12th out of 15 teams in the American League. Alex Rodriguez’s worst two seasons as a major league player came in 2012 and an abbreviated 2013 where he batted .265/.352/.428. Those are not huge upgraded numbers, especially if he continues to decline despite the year off to rest, work out and rehab, but his presence alone from the right side of the plate may actually improve the team.

The last we saw Alex in 2013 when he was passing Lou Gehrig on the all-time grand slam’s list he was not hitting for much power. What was encouraging to me, using the eye test of course, was the fact that he hit so many of his hits and home runs to the opposite field. The power was still there and the extension was still there for A Rod and that’s something that cannot be taught or mended by a surgeon or doctor. Whether that’s still going to be there in 2015 remains to be seen…

The Yankees best case scenario here is to hope he is healthy and ready to improve on that ugly triple slash from 2014 from the DH’s or to hope that he is physically declared unable to play and perform which allows the team to collect insurance money (up to 80% of the $61 million still owed) and void his contract.

Stay tuned.

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