Friday, December 19, 2014

Yankees Acquire Gonzalez Germen from Mets

Okay so this is about to get confusing. Hours after the Yankees acquired Domingo German from the Miami Marlins the team acquired relief pitcher Gonzalez Germen from the New York Mets. Preston Claiborne was designated for assignment to make room on the roster for Germen, although I thought the roster was at 39 players anyway unless I missed something,  and the Yankees sent cash considerations back to their neighbors from Queens.

This marks the first time these two teams have swapped players since the Felix Heredia for Mike Stanton trade of 2004. Germen is basically a marginal upgrade over Claiborne and Claiborne will likely stick with the organization on a minor league deal anyway so the deal makes sense. Both players have one minor league option remaining as well if that counts for anything.

Germen strikes out a lot of guys, 22.7% of the time, but walks a lot of batter, 10.6 %, and gives up a ton of fly balls and home runs, think Phil Hughes, so who knows what to expect here.



    Please take the time to reads Jack's latest article RE : Yankees, and young players.
    Posted moments ago. He paints a clearer picture than I could ever paint.

    Re: past pitcher signings, and you go back a bit, I honestly do not know how many of them
    were pushed onto the GM to sign. I would say most of them.
    What I do hear is that the GM has much more say these days in player dealings.
    That comes from a multitude of sources.

    Always liked your swagger, from the get go. Love it when you let it fly.
    As for me, I always enjoy returning fire. Take care.
    Read Jack's words, it will not kill you..........................signing off.

  2. Yes Dear Patrick I will go back to my remedial reading course 101


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