Saturday, December 27, 2014

If Jordan Zimmerman is Available...

The New York Yankees have seemingly made it their goal to get younger, deeper and more flexible this offseason while still trying to compete. The additions of Nathan Eovaldi, Didi Gregorius and the presumable addition of either Robert Refsnyder and/or Jose Pirela to second base are evidence of a team trying a new philosophy when it comes to team building. Should that new team philosophy force Brian Cashman to make a phone call to the GM of the Washington Nationals if Jordan Zimmerman really is available? Sure, why not.

If the Nationals want to sign Max Scherzer and have to trade Zimmerman to accommodate then New York should definitely try and help. Zimmerman would give the Yankees a true ace, not an ace in waiting and not an ace with health questions in 2015, and while he would cost a lot for a one year rental he could be re-signed to an extension before the season begins. Scott Boras does not represent Zimmerman and the Yankees broke their policy of not negotiating with free agents before their current deal expires so it would not be out of the realm of possibilities for an extension to be a part of the negotiations. Zimmerman is 28 years old and will be 29 entering free agency so if worst came to worst New York could offer him a qualifying offer and get a first round draft pick as compensation if he left.

I don't pretend to know what the Nationals need or what they would want from us so I could be totally off base with this trade idea but it seems Washington may be nearing a cap to their spending. With the likes of Wilson Ramos, Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg set to hit free agency soon they would obviously need a replacement or some salary relief elsewhere. Gary Sanchez could be ready by the time Ramos is set to be a free agent and could headline the deal. The rest of the deal I'm not so sure about but if it took a controllable NL pitcher like Nathan Eovaldi and another prospect or two to get the job done then it seems worth it to me.

What say you?


  1. Daniel. I don't think we have the trade chips to get this done and lets be optimistic and say we do, how many players would they take from our system which would really deplete it worse than it is? If he can be had without going crazy I think it is worth the call

  2. This is a trade I think we actually have the chips for Ken. Like Daniel said, start with Sanchez he'll be ready in a year to replace Ramos. Washington needs a second baseman, so add in Refsnyder or Pirela. We can include Eovaldi. And just in case they're unable financially to retain both Sphan and Harper in the future, we can include somebody like Austin. The only thing I would request is a negotiating window. If a deal like that wouldn't bring in Zimmerman, then you have to stop blaming Cashman for bad moves and start blaming the rest of the league for their unwillingness to deal with the Yankees.

  3. It's one year it's not like trading for six years of Troy Tulo. We have the pieces and could get it done.

  4. Then Cashman needs a 72 hour window before the trade to see if he can get him to sign an extension. If he can't then don't make the trade.


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