Monday, December 1, 2014

Max Scherzer: BIP Locations from Detroit to New York

Let's have fun and let's say that the rumors over the weekend were true, Dan Pfeiffer says they are and Jack Curry says they aren't, and the Yankees have offered Max Scherzer a six or seven year deal. We all should be excited about a new big name, and a new big contract, but how will his fly ball tendencies work in the new Yankee Stadium? The easiest way to see is to look at the BIP locations, or balls in play, to see how his 2014 season would have gone in a perfect world had he been pitching in Yankee Stadium and not in Comerica Park. See below: As you can see it is what it is.

Home Runs
Fly Outs

Again, in a perfect world, all of the home runs he allowed in Comerica are home runs in New York. The fly outs are still tracked down by the outfielders for outs and the doubles are still in the gap and not over the wall. People worry about how Scherzer would work out in Yankee Stadium but if this is any indication I wouldn't worry too awful much.

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