Sunday, December 21, 2014

Why the Yankees have a chance to win the AL East 2015

Over the years we remember the great Red Sox- Yankees battles for first place. Since 2012 it hasn't been that way. 2012 was the year the Red Sox were no where near the postseason that year the Yankees made the ALCS. In 2013 the Red Sox finished in first place and won the World Series with the Yankees with just 85 wins. In the most recent season 2014 the Red Sox had a repeat of 2012 and finished last with the Yankees winning 84 games.

Every year it seems this division is becoming weaker and weaker. This may be good for the Yankees though. My prediction is that the AL East leader in 2015 will need minimum 85 wins. The Yankees could easily fit that rule. Are they going to win 95 games absolutely not. In this article I'll go over all the AL East teams and why the Yankees have a better chance than them

Rays- It seems this offseason that it's a rebuild for the Rays. Not only will we not seem them in the postseason this year, but probably not for years to come. The Rays will probably finish last in the AL East in 2014.

Orioles- The Orioles had a magical season in 2014. They lost to the Royals in the ALCS and that was it for them in 2014. They lost their two best outfielders in Nick Markakis and Nelson Cruz to the Braves and Mariners. Markakis was a pretty solid hitter but Cruz had an amazing season leading the MLB in home runs. You can see them finishing in fourth place.

Blue Jays- The Blue Jays made a few moves but not enough to catch up to the Yankees and Red Sox. The lineup was very productive last year and with the help of Russell Martin and others the lineup should get better. Similar to their 2014 season I predict the Blue Jays will finish third in 2015.

Red Sox- The Red Sox had bad years in 2014 and 2012. With the signings of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval they should be better again. The bats will produce more runs and that will be the key to win games. Their rotation is a bit unknown but we do know that they have Rick Porcello who I think will be ace of that squad. The Red Sox will probably finish in second place.

Yankees- All the previous teams that we have listed are good but not good enough. In 2015 the AL East will be very weak and that is very unusual. The Yankees won't have a fantastic season in 2015 but still enough to win the division and make the playoffs in 2015. The new moves the Yankees made this offseason and last offseason are the difference makers in where the Yankees will finish in 2015. The Andrew Miller signing was great and will really tighten the bullpen. The Yankees made other moves some I agree with and some I don't.
                                                  My predicted AL East standings:
                                                   1st Yankees
                                                   2nd Red Sox
                                                   3rd Blue Jays
                                                   4th Orioles
                                                   5th Rays



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    1. I was trying to be polite. And I'm the Pope, pick someone else.

    2. Ok Daniel I will be the gopher boy for the Pope, still those predictions are way off

  2. I'll give your prediction a chance Edward. I agree that the Rays aren't going anywhere, Orioles are weaker, and Blue Jays are still pretty mediocre. But the Red Sox are still the best team. I see the Yankees finishing second with maybe a wild card spot

    1. Too much depth in the AL West and the AL Central for the Yankees to slide into a second Wild Card with 85-ish wins.

    2. True, but anything can happen. The Scherzer-less, Porcello-less Tigers won't have as strong a pitching staff, the White Sox still have no offense, the A's lost Donaldson and Moss. It's possible the Mariners and Angels will be the only good West teams, which just may give New York a chance.

      Let's look on the bright side here.


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