Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Yankees Sign Chris Capuano To One Year Deal

I know I am late with this guys and I do apologize but like I said yesterday when Chase Headley signed, all the good stuff happens when I am at work. 

Anyway the New York Yankees signed Chris Capuano to a one year deal worth $5 million. More to come when I am not posting and driving and fuming mad. 


  1. Again we have shown our sheer stupidity in this move. Cashman has clearly shown himself to be one of the worst GM's in the game. Hal has proven that he doesn't practice what he preaches when he gets in front of the camera and says its a failure if we don't win the WS yet he puts this type of product on the field. The fans need to hit him in the wallet and not show up to the games and stop watching this team on TV where revenues will suffer. Enough is enough already

    1. One more roster spot open on the 40 man roster... wonder who gets it?

    2. Scherzer, if they are serious about contending. Other wise one of the 2nd bunch.
      I am feeling a trade is in the air. We have the players to trade for a good under 32 year old bat. Although it depends on the package we have to give up. We have a plethora of pitchers and catchers. Webb, Serverino and Lingren not among them.

  2. I have a post scheduled for this week so not to give too much away but I think Headley makes Refsnyder expendable (to the organization, not to me).


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)