Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hey Washington, Better You Then Me

When I read the news that the Washington Nationals had signed Max Scherzer to a seven year deal I have to admit that I was a little disappointed. When I read that the deal was worth $210 million my disappointment level plummeted. When I read that Washington will be paying Scherzer until he’s 45 years old and for the next 14 years I just kind of chuckled a bit.

While this deal is genius for the next four or five years, especially with Scherzer in the National League and facing the pitcher once every three innings, this deal is going to potentially handcuff the organization down the road. Scherzer will be on the books until 2028 and won’t be on the team after the 2021 season. This is not even mentioning the similarities in the contract to Clayton Kershaw and factoring in how much younger, better and which hand Kershaw throws with versus Scherzer.

This deal has all the makings of looking terrible and crippling to the franchise in five to nine years. This makes me very happy that Brian Cashman, for once, did not fold to Scott Boras. Scherzer is great but just how much better are the Nationals with him anyway? Especially if they trade away Jordan Zimmerman or Doug Fister? Not 14 years and $210 million better that’s for darn sure. 

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