Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Max Scherzer Domino Has Fallen

Max Scherzer signed with the Washington Nationals late Sunday night on a reported seven year deal marking the biggest domino to finally fall this winter. This will undoubtedly escalate the market for James Shields, Ryan Vogelsong and the rest of the market’s free agent starting pitchers. How does this domino falling affect the Yankees though you may be asking? Washington now has far too much starting pitching and not enough rotation spots to fill them all. Enter Jordan Zimmerman.

We have clamored for Zimmerman once or twice already this winter so the name should be familiar to you all. Zimmerman comes with just one year remaining of team control, which would keep his prospects cost down, but would give the Yankees the legitimate ace they undoubtedly need. More moves will come so the Yankees should not just limit themselves to Zimmerman or bust as all the teams that will miss out on both Scherzer and Shields will begin scrambling for what’s left on the market and especially in the trade market.

Cole Hamels will get extremely expensive while Zimmerman will be extremely well sought after. Is this not the deal Brian Cashman has been waiting for? The deal that Cashman has been stockpiling pitching for? Stockpiling prospects for? If not Zimmerman, what about Doug Fister? The possibilities are endless and I think this is the eventual endgame for Cashman. He’s been sitting and waiting patiently for this shoe to drop and this domino to fall so he can pounce, and that time is now. Get it done Cash. 

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