Wednesday, January 21, 2015

If the Yankees Sign Yoan Moncada

We all learned yesterday that the New York Yankees held a private workout for Yoan Moncada which made me wonder what the team would do if they signed him. Obviously at just 19 years old the second baseman would likely start his professional career in the minor leagues creating a pretty significant logjam in Scranton Wilkes-Barre. With Robert Refsnyder and Jose Pirela looking more and more likely to head to Triple-A to start their seasons would Moncada possibly force the hand of Brian Cashman into a trade?

There is a flurry of scenarios that could happen here including, but not limited to, trading either Rrefsnyder or Pirela (or both) to clear the logjam. This gives Moncada a clear path to the major leagues and possibly brings back the starting pitcher the Yankees have presumably been after all offseason long. This chain of events could also spell the end of the Brendan Ryan era in New York as Stephen Drew and Didi Gregorius could split time and bounce around at shortstop giving Moncada the bulk of the playing time at second base. Another scenario includes, although is highly unlikely, that Moncada can play third base (and he can, physically) and bumps Chase Headley to first base, Mark Teixeira to the DH spot and Alex Rodriguez and/or Garrett Jones off the team all together.

A lot can happen if the Yankees sign Moncada and it will likely shape the remainder of the offseason and the rest of the calendar year if they do. Honestly though, it will more than likely shape it in a good way for the foreseeable future. Bring me Yoan. 


  1. At 19 years-old, isn't it more likely Moncada starts in AA?

  2. Moncada is not a typical 19 year old though as he has played at an "advanced" level in the Serie Nacional. The Cuban league equates to AAA or AAAA in the Majors and he excelled there.

    1. Not saying he couldn't handle AAA, just that him being that young allows the team to take things a little slower with him.

    2. Ok, AAA...!
      I still think he will outgrow the infield and with his athleticism he would be an everyday good hitter with power on one of the corners for years to come.
      We have had a few of them before, remember...Mickey, Mercer and Sory! Oh, yes, I forgot Posada played 2nd and moved to Catcher also.

    3. Sure he could start out at AA Bryan, wouldn't surprise me either way. If he did he wouldn't be long for the system though (unless of course he struggled).

  3. Just an Opinion fans, don't get up in arms!
    Moncada goes to AA works out in RF/LF and 2nd base. In a year+/- he comes up to the Show as a R/L fielder replacing Beltran in right or Brett in left field.
    We let Ryan go, or Drew, two good gloves no hit...let one of the kids man 2nd base...this year!
    Thay way we have a much stronger offense and still have a good defence for years to come. We do have some outfielders/infielders on the a couple of years +/-...plug them in as they are ready! and I can see a very good team within two years!
    Bird, Judge, Refsnyder, Pirela, Mateo, Cave, O'Niell, and a few I have forgotten.
    This also gives us a few players we can trade...not that I like that idea at all, but life as it is, in the majors is tough!

    1. If you're going to do that why not use the (reported) better second baseman in Moncada actually at second base and use Ref and Pirela in right and/or left field?

      Better defensive alignment and the same offensive push.

    2. Well, my reasoning was to try and get the most out of Yoan for the long haul. With his size and athleticism, I don't see him staying in the infield for a long time! So why not start him out in the corner spot of the outfield, he has corner power and speed enough to play anywhere in the outfield. That leaves us with those you mentioned play where ever they can do the best for the team. But I still would like to clear out some of the soft hitters like Ryan and Drew...IF we were to get Yoan! I believe both Refy and Pirela can out hit them and play well enough 2nd base and that help the team more than Ryan/Drew and make us younger. What is the hurt in trying to cover all the spots we can with better hitting and about the same defence?
      Besides as someone has said before; 'I would rather win with our own kids than to loose with vets that can't cut it on both sides of the game'...or something like that! Meybe it was loose with our own...I disremember! LOL

    3. Daniel, just look at the guy, he is built like a tank already. Give him 3 to 5 years and he will be a bit bigger and have to move somewhere like 3rd base or the outfield anyhow.
      Just a thought, but nothing wrong with you thoughts either...just get the guy and anything that will help the team is ok with me, up to trading four or more of our own players for another 33+/- player!

    4. I would think, and this is truly my opinion more than fact, that New York would move him to third base in four seasons if Yoan continues to grow physically rather than plus him in at an outfield position.

      Corner outfielders with pop are much easier to find that infielders and they usually aren't as interchangeable.

    5. Ok, ok! Good sound thinking on that Daniel...
      The thinking I had was, try and get as many younger guys up and playing as possible. Not even sure he could adapt to the outfield, many can't...but it is easier to go out than it is to come in.

  4. Spay some Windex on that laser beam....

    Just another observation.
    " When things are going in a direction that you don't like... Cashman is the worst, Hal is cheap,and
    Joe Girardi is a dumb ass.
    When it looks like the team has adopted a new approach, an approach that Hal, and Cashman have talked about going forward, then it's clear that anybody but they are responsible."

    That seems to be the template being used these days.

  5. ( SIC )....dam!.....I hate misspellings. I leave that to idiots.
    My first line, above....Spray some, as opposed to Spay some. Sorry

    **** If I ruffled feathers, regarding the King holiday comments, was not meant to agitate.
    Was only responding. And, that is how I feel.

    1. I don't think any feathers were ruffled. You're good.

    2. None ruffled on my part, Patrick. I hear where you are coming from! It's a mess out there!


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