Friday, January 9, 2015

TGP Daily Poll: The Yankees Are Done

I truly believe the team we see today is the team we will see on Opening Day 2015. The New York Yankees may add some depth signing but are done adding any major or significant pieces to the roster.

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  1. ARE THE YANKEES DONE ?.........I think not. There is more to be done, and chips to play with.
    I see a starter coming on board. FA / trade, either one.
    There is always the exciting possibility of an old time blockbuster. My hope is a power run producer
    becomes available. Sure, one could be out there. The faces change behind the scenes daily.
    Blockbuster, or bust.

    1. Agreed. I think it will be Blockbuster or bust I just don't see it. I want to see it, maybe an Eovaldi centered package for a starter, but Cashman has been too unpredictable this season to take a good guess at it.

  2. MORE CUBAN CIGARS........
    Maybe it's tooooo cold to make trades, or trading rumors. That may be the case.
    But rumors still follow the hot blooded Cubans. Even communists can hit the rumor wires.

    Two of Cuba's finest are in the news today. Oddly, both having the same first name...Yoan.

    Cuban RH pitcher, Yoan Lopez, who can throw hard ( 94-100 ) when he needs to, is now
    free to sign with MLB. Yankees rumored to be lurking in the weeds.

    Cuban Infielder, Yoan Mongada is waiting to get the OK to sign with a MLB team
    Mongada, has been mentioned by some, as the next Alex Rodriquez. He is that good, but young.
    It's complicated, but if Mongada gets his OK to sign before 6 / 15, its a battle between the
    Red Sox, and the Yankees.

    This could be a great prize for the Yanks, after passing on the initial big name Cubans / communists.

    I mentioned before about the cold temperatures in the US northeast, and it is bad.
    My third year, at doing the polar bear thing at the ocean, was this cold.
    It left so many standing on the iced sands, never wishing to meet King Neptune.

    All 100 % of the Irish polar bears dove below the waves. There is a message there.

    1. Cold in the South East too, 6 degrees when I woke up yesterday with a high of 34. Anyway, I think the Yankees get both Yoan's. They both count against the international signing cap and the Yankees have already blown past that.

      You don't see many young kids with this much potential on the open market, MUST SIGNS for New York.

  3. Yes Patrick, there sure is a message in that Polar Bears tryst of yours! Irishmen, are very hardy and sometimes do the unthinkable! Jumping into the waters of the BIG, BIG lake in sub zero temperatures is one of them. I will try it someday, er, maybe when hell freezes over! It was so cold here today, when I came in (around 0500) after shoveling the snow, my pants and coat were stiff as a block of ice!
    I hope you had fun and will be ok!

    1. KEN REED.......I really thought you were going to say..." after shoveling the snow, everything
      in my pants was as stiff as a block of ice."...I was applauding you.
      Your 0500 advance team, would have been in charge of the situation.

      Here in my northeast region, we rely on the give, and go method. I'll clarify.
      We store our Cealis in the microwave.
      No matter how cold it is, you set for 12 seconds, and your good to go.
      But.......not a 0500 hours.

    2. I knew it, you are a wimp...Patrick! But I knew that all along, the only good Navy man is a Corpsman! LOL!
      0500 is the start of a very fine day!
      Don't you get up at that time in the summer for your work?
      Have a good one!

  4. I don't think I can adequately express my desire for both of those Yoan's playing for the Yankees!
    While we are at it, could it be one of the reasons why the yankees have gone nothing but young and inexpensive this year. It is much essayer to DF a young guy such name them!
    I see Cashman and company are keeping on the QT, about this whole thing! Maybe (wishfull thinking) they are in on this deal. I hope so anyhow! Another way of looking at it is, it is all hype from the bloggers!
    That covers all sides, I should think! LOL

  5. KENNETH.........Went through what is left of ' Hells Kitchen ' yesterday, along with my sister Kathy,
    and my Anne Marie. I was thinking of you, and how you survived.

    You have me going from black Irish, to a middle ground ?
    Correct, I was not a Corpsman. I was an Aerographers Mate. For four years. You do the homework.

    Anything can happen with those two Yoans. I have no clue. But, fingers crossed.

    Go back outside to shoveling snow. When you come back in,..... you'll be John Holmes.
    Lights out.

    1. Patrick, I never said you were a Black Irishman, only a Wimp and a white Irishman! You are too nice a guy to be a Black takes hard work to be come a Black Irishman. Besides, anyone not from the old stomping grounds, wouldn't even understand nor ever have heard of Black or White Irishmen!
      Wow, you must have something other than air, between your ears, I guess! Ok, I take it back! I remember when it was a war between the Army and the Navy. But, in the real old days, most of the time it was...only Navy, Army or Marines serving as units, so the teams never really worked with each other.
      You want to know who the ones that, "Go, where no man dares"...Corpsmen (Army, Navy, Air Force)...da is da ones! They are the "Brave" and NEVER, EVER forgotten!

      As for the Yoans, we can only hope we get them and they are as good as we are told!


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