Friday, January 9, 2015

Should New York Trade For Bartolo Colon?

Yeah, I said it. Should the New York Yankees and the New York Mets hook up for the second trade between the two clubs this offseason? Keep reading. Bartolo Colon is 41 years old and will be 42 years old during the 2015 season, weighs in at 285 lbs. while standing just 5'11" and throws basically nothing but fastballs. How could this work in the AL East and in the Yankees rotation? Well it did in 2011 when he rejuvenated his career so is it really out of the realm of possibilities to happen once again?

First and foremost this makes sense for the Mets because they have essentially eight starting pitchers currently on the roster and Colon makes the most salary at $10 million. The Yankees seemingly have an abundance of fourth outfielder types that are young with upside including Ramon Flores, Mason Williams and Eury Perez to name a few that could fit into the Mets needs quite well.

This trade makes sense for the Yankees because he's almost guaranteed 200 IP in 2015, he comes on a one year deal that will likely only cost the team around $5- $8 million assuming the Mets eat some of the salary in the trade (which they have said they would be willing to do and finally because Colon may be better than Chris Capuano right now.

Should the Yankees pull the trigger? Ultimately I would say no because I'd rather see a Bryan Mitchell struggle and figure it all out in the majors more than I would like to acquire the oldest starting pitcher in baseball. Will the Yankees make the deal anyway? It sure looks like a possibility, doesn't it?

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