Friday, January 9, 2015

Too Early To Look at the 2016 Hall of Fame Class?

Here is just a quick, and albeit early, look art the potential Hall of Fame class for the 2016 season. After three pitchers, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez got in along with second baseman Craig Biggio in 2015 we may see a little more offense in 2016.

The offensive candidates are led by none other than Ken Griffey Jr. who seems to be a shoe in for the Hall with no prior steroid allegations or suspicions. Following Griffey into the Hall is likely, and finally, Mets and Dodgers catcher Mike Piazza after falling short since the 2013 season. Tim Raines will be on the ballot once again along with Jeff Bagwell while newcomer Jim Edmonds joins the group.

The pitchers are not alone though as a couple notable closers of our generation join the discussion as Trevor Hoffman and Billy Wagner make their first runs at Cooperstown. Who will get in? It's a little early to tell but we may see another four, or even five, players elected once again in 2016 and I simply cannot wait.

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