Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Ultimate “Get Greedy” Team

If money were no object and we were playing the game like we sometimes play on Playstation what team would you put together if you could? I’m talking about a team of All Star’s from both leagues making up a 25 man roster, a true fantasy draft. I’m bored, this offseason is truly getting to me, so I compiled my own list and frankly, I don’t think this team loses a game. That may be in part to the watered down rosters of the rest of the teams but what can you do. What’s yours? Leave it in the comments box.

Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt has to be the first baseman on this team and I don’t even think it’s all that close. Sure I could make the case for Jose Abreu, and I probably should have given him more thought, but I just really like what Goldschmidt brings to the table in a full and healthy season. My second baseman, after a long consideration, has to go to Robinson Cano even with seemingly dwindling power numbers and a broken toe in Seattle. My shortstop is Troy Tulowitzki, injury history and bad hip and all, because he is far and away the best shortstop. Even with him playing a half a season he is still accumulating more WAR then most, sometimes all, shortstops who play 162 games and something can be said about that. My infield is closed out with the Toronto Blue Jay’s newest toy Josh Donaldson who is probably the best third baseman in the league right now. No disrespect to Pablo Sandoval or any of the others but Donaldson’s numbers in a very pitching friendly Oakland Coliseum truly scare me as a Yankees fan with him now in Toronto. Finally I need a catcher and there are more than a few I could have chosen here including the Yankees own Brian McCann but I think I will have to go with a former Yankee for the spot, and a current Toronto Blue Jay, in Russell Martin to finish out the offense.

Starting with the obvious players I go to my outfield where I have Mike Trout, Giancarlo Stanton, and Andrew McCutchen. I don’t think anyone can make a case for any of these three leaving the starting outfield and moving to the bench, not even Carlos Gomez who I probably place on my bench after a strong 2014 season. My DH has to go to Nelson Cruz right now after leading all of baseball with 40 home runs in 2014 narrowly edging out, in my mind anyway, Victor Martinez and David Ortiz. Joining Gomez and Cruz on the bench has to be Jose Altuve after narrowly missing out on the starting second base job to Cano after winning a batting title with the Houston Astros. I personally want a true backup first baseman on the team which leaves me with Abreu from the Chicago White Sox. I finish my bench off with someone who may not be the sexy name you’re looking for but someone who can play all over the diamond and that man in Anthony Rendon of the Washington Nationals. Rendon makes my team over Miguel Cabrera and others for the simple fact that I can move him everywhere around the field and not sacrifice defense anywhere. I’m building a team, not a Home Run Derby.

Pitching begins and ends with Clayton Kershaw, it just has to, with the likes of Felix Hernandez, Madison Bumgarner, Max Scherzer and Chris Sale finishing out the rotation. Craig Kimbrel highlights the back end of my bullpen while Adam Wainwright and Corey Kluber join my pen as long relievers and David Robertson, Andrew Miller (homer pick), Aroldis Chapman and Dellin Betances finish out the pitching. Nobody is touching this starting staff, no one is touching this bullpen and no one is keeping this lineup down consistently for 27 outs, nobody. 


  1. Very good team. Here's mine.
    C: Buster Posey, 1b: Miguel Cabrera, 2b: Cano, 3b: Beltre, SS: Tulo, OF: Trout, McCutchen, Stanton, DH Bautista. Bench: LuCroy, Rizzo, Harrison, Brantley. Starters: Kershaw, Cueto, Hernandez, Tanaka, and Bumgarner. Bullpen: Holland, Betances, Robertson, Chapman, Kimbrel, Storen, and Hughes. (Only because of the dominance he showed when he pitched out of our bullpen)

    1. Total effing brain fart on Buster Posey... Almost ashamed. I feel like you cheated on the DH a little since I actually picked a DH and not a positional player acting as a DH. Bautista is great grab though.

      I'm not as high on LuCroy as most, especially after just a season or two. Another brain fart on Holland.

  2. I just have memories of Martin hitting .211 for us, so I took LuCroy. As far as taking Bautista as a DH, it is a video game lineup right?

    1. You're fine choosing Bautista I was just saying my line of thinking, no biggie.

      Like I said I am just not as high as most on LuCroy. I think I'd take Yadier over him anyway.


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