Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yankees Trade Manny Banuelos to Atlanta Braves

The New York Yankees have traded minor league LHP Manny Banuelos for RHP David Carpenter and LHP minor league pitcher Chasen Shreve. More to come I'm sure as the story unfold, stay tuned.

Now I'm officially confused. The New York Yankees are trying to get younger so they trade a starting pitcher with zero service time that they spent the last two seasons rehabbing from Tommy John surgery. The team also states they want to have depth and they trade Banuelos for minor leaguer and a relief pitcher? I'm confused, I don't see a direction for this team right now.


  1. ATLANTA TRADE...............
    Brian McCann gave this one, the big OK.
    Not sure what Banuelos will ever be. No track record. Tommy John. Atlanta is gambling here.
    Shreve ? A trade chip when they find who they are looking for....a starter. Perhaps.
    Good move. Carpenter will help.

    1. Carpenter is better than Kelley
      Shreve is better than Banuelos (assuming Banuelos is destined to be a relief pitcher).
      Yankees get salary relief and Johnny Barbatos as well.

    2. OK Patty Boy here goes, you state McCann gave this one a Big OK. What would you like him to say the deal sucks? He isn't going to ride the bus over his former teammates. I don't like this trade nor any of the trades by Cashman and its not because I don't like Cashman.

      I actually think he sucks at his job. Manny was your best pitching prospect a few years back and you're giving up on the guy because he is in his second year off of TJ Surgery. I would have given him the spring training to see what he can do and if things were going well let him start at triple A and be a call up which wouldn't take long whether it was because of injury or because this rotation plain sucks. This clown has no rhyme or reason for any of his trades except for lunacy.

    3. The Hans is alive ladies and gentleman, welcome back. Manny was actually entering his third year removed from TJS and has thrown around 100 IP in three seasons. Unless you move him to the pen you probably spend at least another season, if not a season and a half, building his arm strength and stamina up. Chasen Shevre is ready now and, again is Banuelos is a relief pitcher and not a starting pitcher, is just as good if not better from the left side.

      I can understand not liking the trade because you don't like the man calling the shots, you're a fan and you pay his salary and you're more than entitled and encouraged to do so, but this trade makes a lot of sense for New York.

      Carpenter is better than, and replaces, Shawn Kelley for three extra years and $1.4 million less in 2015.

      Shreve is better than Banuelos as a relief pitcher.

      Johnn Barbato, even if he needs Tommy John surgery, is a win and a true lottery ticket because we already got better.

    4. Ok you say Manny needs to build arm strength and is third year removed from TJ surgery yet you discuss Nova being ready in May/June. Please explain why Nova will be back this year but manny needs this year? I don't like the move because I think it's s bad trade not because I hate Cashman which I do.

      The Prado trade was idiotic and trading Shawn K even though not a top flight reliever for a pitcher that is on the way to TJ surgery is moronic. That move was almost as stupid as when he drafted Brackman who needed TJ. How did that work out for us?

    5. HANS SOLO......Mother, hes back....hide the good china !

      Ken...I thought we lost you, that had me pissed off.
      Nova ? Manny ?...none of them may come back. No one knows.

      The time is now, not maybe two years from now. Good, solid trades, at a low-mid level
      being made by Brian the past week.
      Prepare for a block buster. My gaelic bones tell me so. Or, its a cealis reaction.
      I'm out of gas tonight. Will prepare to go at you next time.

    6. Banuelos has 446 innings under his belt in 6 years and has never really been stretched out at all. So he will have to build up from the surgery and build up more so, to be a starter.
      Nova has 1146 innings in 8 years, 4 of which were as a starter. Therefore, he only needs to recover arm strength and memory. Will he be as good or better than before his operation...who knows!

    7. Reed pretty much stole my thunder Mr. Hans but he was correct. Nova has had multiple seasons pitching complete years in the majors. Banuelos has thrown 100 IP in three seasons combined. 100 IP this season is one of the biggest stretched imaginable for Banuelos without serious risk/injury to his arm/elbow. We've seen it far too many times.

      Nova can come back in May or June and pitch the remainder of the season without inning limits and concern. His stuff will not be as sharp but from an IP standpoint Nova will be fine. Banuelos probably wont reach 75 IP in 2015.

      With young guys and the success rate of TJS these days teams can take these risks. They can take these risks especially when you have so many years of team control for players. It's a risk, I admit that, but the Yankees can afford a risk or two sometimes. Remember the risk we took with Jon Lieber? They work out every once in a while. Not saying I agree with it or necessarily like it but it is what it is.

    8. Also worth mentioning Reed that Nova has already started throwing while Banuelos was kept from throwing in any kind of instructional or winter league.

  2. This trade isn't a big deal to me. Banuelos was never going to get his shot with New York. Hope he does well with Atlanta. Plus, everybody got pissed when Cashman sent Viscaino to Atlanta for Vasquez and Logan. Vasquez sucked, but we got more production from Logan then anybody has gotten from Viscaino.

    1. The more I read the more I think we got the better end of the deal. When does a pitching prospect bring two major league players in a trade?

    2. I agree. I'm also thinking we got the better end of the Prado/Phelps for Eavoldi/Jones/German deal. Eavoldi will throw 200 innings, which Phelps couldn't do for us. Jones gives us a legit backup for our injury prone first baseman. And German? Throw him in with Campos as somebody who could be an Ivan Nova.

    3. While I agree we probably got the better end of the deal for Eovaldi I find it hard to let go of guys like Phelps because I get so personally attached to Yankees prospects. Although I will counter with the question of what good is 200 IP if he's getting lit up?

      I have all the confidence in the world in Larry Rothschild but he can't change or fix everyone. I look at the "what if" and I think of what if CC Sabathia had 200 IP in 2014. Sure 200 IP is nice but we're still a third or fourth place team, if that good.

      Jones I like because he can back up in RF, 1B, and DH while having the potential to hit 20-25 home runs in Yankee Stadium. He's durable and Teix is due to have a day or 25 during the course of the season.

      Honestly I think German and Campos, projections wise of course, are better than Nova. Remember Nova was left unprotected and allowed to go to the San Diego Padres before being returned from the Rule 5 Draft. Nova, much like Robinson Cano in a terrible comparison, did nothing in the minors and excelled in the majors.

    4. Campos was one of the guys in the trade of Monty, he is also the one I liked the most. I still think he will be a very serviceable pitcher for us. I will wait until I get a chance to see him pitch in person again. Because of Pinedas shoulder history, I thought Campos would not be (as some said) just a through in.
      Time will tell!

    5. Problem with Campos was the 40 man roster spot. Without that pressure to perform and perform now I think he can relax and pitch. It all comes down to his health though. When healthy he's filthy.

    6. Daniel, you do have a knack for understatement don't you?

  3. BRIAN CASHMAN....seems to do well at this level of player acquisition.
    Goes without Sabathia, and Nova will need a full year to maybe rebound, a heavy
    weight pitcher, and a true lefty power bat......are what can give this team hope.
    Not middle weights, but real talent. Remember..they found Paul O'Neil, from out of no where.


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