Friday, March 20, 2015

Jared Burton Diagnosed w/ Strained Lat

Jared Burton had hopes of breaking camp with the New York Yankees and traveling north in the bullpen for the Yankees on Opening Day… and then a strained lat muscle happened. Burton was diagnoses with a strained lat muscle during the latest Yankees spring training game on Thursday with the Philadelphia Phillies and may be headed towards the disabled list.

Burton has multiple opt out dates written into his contract so just because he likely won’t make the Opening Day roster doesn’t mean he couldn’t make an impact later down the road. Burton has pitched in four games this spring and only allowed two hits against the 15 batters he faced. It may just be spring but the guy has proven that he can get MLB hitters out before while with the Minnesota Twins so I’m not ready to count this guy out just yet.

I also apologize for this being so late but I was away from a computer for most of last night and today and straight talk wireless has this little joke they like to play on people where they turn your auto refill off so when you wake up in the morning you have “service” because you have Wi-Fi but as soon as you leave the house and try to use your phone you have nothing. It’s a brutal joke and this is the fourth time in recent memory it has happened to me so I don’t recommend them. Anyway, go Yankees? 

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