Friday, March 20, 2015

Alex Rodriguez is Back in the News Again

Alex Rodriguez is back in the news again and once again it’s not for something he should be happy with or proud of. A disabled veteran and Tampa, Florida apartment complex resident is not happy with the apartment complex that he is living in and it just so happens that the complex is linked to the Yankees third baseman and DH Rodriguez. Rodriguez apparently co-founded the complex and the apartment

The veteran’s name is James Hill Jr. and he is complaining of rat infestations and roach problems inside the complex and generally feels “disgusted, mistreated and just wants his money back” according to an investigation and interview seen on Tampa’s Channel 10. Hill Jr. also complained of oil spills on the pavement, cats everywhere, cigarette butts in the atriums, pet odor smell, cigarette odor smell, and other issues that made him feel misled when he initially took a tour of the facility.

The name of the facility is Newport Villas Apartments and is located on North MacDill Avenue in downtown Tampa, only a mile away from George M. Steinbrenner Field. Hill is upset because he was not allowed to break the lease he signed and will not get a refund of his $736.77 deposit. The manager of the complex stated he would fix any and all complaints that Hill had but reminded him that he signed a binding contract and would be held responsible for breaking the lease, which honestly sounds fair to me.

Why is this news? It’s not really as Alex co-founded the company in 2005 and was removed from any and all paperwork in 2010. I posted this to show you just how silly and how ignorant and petty some people can get. I wouldn’t put it past Mr. Hill to have found out or learned that Rodriguez was a co-owner and is going after what he can get while playing the disabled veteran card. I have nothing but respect and love for the veterans past and present but you and I both know that there are some in every bunch that will play every card that they can to their advantage and take advantage of anyone and everything that they can. It’s a shame that once again rather than just playing baseball A Rod’s name is being drug through the mud once again. And for what? No good damn reason. 

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