Friday, March 20, 2015

Lou Gehrig the Subject of new Children’s Book

Robert Skead of Wyckoff and Barnegat Light writes children’s books for a living and his latest book, Hitting Glory, will hit home for more than a few fans of the New York Yankees. Skead describes himself as a baseball fan for all of his life and was quoted as saying that “Gehrig was always one of my favorite Yankees as a child. That’s why he was the obvious choice for me when it came time to connect a Yankee legend to a baseball bat found in a school when I crafted Hitting Glory.”

The book follows an 11 year old boy in school named Lou Gibson who finds an old wooden baseball bat engraved with the initial’s “LG” in his school’s basement. Lou remembers that the most famous graduate of his school was the Yankees legend Lou Gehrig and immediately sets off on a mission to prove that the bat belonged to Gehrig himself. What Lou does not know is that the bat is magical and turn Gibson into a great hitter, just like Gehrig. This is something I will definitely be picking up on my iPad for my two boys and I encourage you to do the same as well.  

We finish with this direct quote from the author about the book and the baseball bat adventure:

“It was my goal that the book would leave each reader, young and old alike, with that magical New York Yankees feeling—the kind I always felt while watching “The Pride of the Yankees.”

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