Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Joe Girardi Keeps Feeding The Hate

Joe Girardi is not doing a good job at changing the minds of his haters.

"Hated it!"
"I definitely think [Alex Rodriguez]’s swung the bat pretty good,” Girardi said. “I just think his at-bats are more consistent; his timing is more consistent."
Girardi actually went on to say that he believes he could use ARod at third base, should Chase Headley need a day off. An idea that sounds even worse than having him be the regular DH, although probably a better idea than Alex playing first base with any regularity.

Rodriguez doesn't have to have an MVP-type season in order to exceed expectations this season. His .286/.394/.536 triple-slash so far in Spring Training (before today's game against the Mets) is likely higher than what he'll hit by season's end, but anything above replacement level would be nice.

The Yankees' manager is known for giving very political answers in his interviews, meaning you can take them with a tiny grain of salt. And what should he say? It's not like Girardi, even if he feels this way, would come out and say that ARod is a shell of his former self, and probably wouldn't make the team if it wasn't for the three years and $61 million remaining on his contract.

I mean, Joe wouldn't say that. Me on the other hand? Umm...yeah.

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