Monday, March 2, 2015

MLB Could Be Returning to Cuba

Now that President Obama has been working with Raul Castro to improve the relationship between the United States and Cuba there has been plenty of speculation that Major League Baseball may be returning to Cuba. I say returning to Cuba because the Cincinnati Reds once had their Triple-A affiliate in Cuba, the Havana Sugar Kings, and the Major League Baseball Player's Association President Tony Clark may be open to seeing the game return there.

Not to get too political here but it is going to be a slow healing process between the US and Cuba after tensions were so high for so long. Major League Baseball may be the common ground between these two countries and could act as an olive branch from our side of things. Cuba is worried about how the new relations, and laws, could affect their league the Serie Nacional. There are now talks of Spring Training games heading to Cuba in the near future with the eventual goal of playing MLB games and having minor league affiliates there.

Major League Baseball is a global game and this is the next step in its expansion of that goal. This is a great time to be a fan of MLB and a great time to be alive in my very humble opinion.

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