Monday, March 2, 2015

Quick Hit: Andrew Miller Took Less to Sign w/ Yankees

Well isn't this a different change of events for the Yankees? Usually when New York is interested in a free agent in free agency the team has to pay a premium to acquire this talent. This time around in the case of Andrew Miller the Yankees actually paid less for his services. This is not new news, I realize that, as it was reported shortly after the team signed the lefty but now we have a few of the details.

It was always assumed that the largest offer came from Houston who seemed desperate for bullpen help this winter and now he have that as confirmation. The Astros offered Miller four years and $40 million while the Boston Red Sox reportedly topped out at four years and $42 million. In case you forgot the Yankees signed Miller for four years and $36 million.

So the Yankees got a bit of a discount. That's still a ton of money for a guy with virtually no closer experience, and that's closer money don't get me wrong, but it goes to show you that maybe Miller actually wanted to be a Yankee. I like players who want to be with the team, that counts for a lot in my book.

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