Monday, March 2, 2015

Yankees Have $7.885 Million to Spend on 2015 Draft

Last month OJ Mayo reported the 2015 draft numbers for each team this June but those numbers have seemingly changed according to John Manuel. Manuel reports that the Yankees have $7,885,000 to spend on the draft this June, although no slot recommendations have been announced, and not the $7.922 million that Mayo reported. New York has the sixth highest draft pool in the league this summer behind, in this order, the Houston Astros, the Colorado Rockies, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Texas Rangers and the Atlanta Braves.

New York has the 16th overall pick from their mediocre season in 2014 and the 30th pick overall for losing David Robertson to the Chicago White Sox. The team will then pick again 57th overall with their second round pick giving the team three picks in the Top 60, which is great.

In case you were wondering our in-state rivals the New York Mets have the lowest draft pool in 2015 with $3.6 million after signing outfielder Michael Cuddyer and losing their first round pick.

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