Monday, March 2, 2015

Will Graig Nettles Ever Get His Day At Yankee Stadium?

The New York Yankees look like Oprah right now handing out new cars or something on her show. You've seen the meme's of her with her arms up saying that everyone gets whatever the big prize is and if you haven't, just look up. Those memes started popping back up when the team announced that they would be retiring the numbers of Andy Pettitte, Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada. The Yankees retire a lot of numbers, that's their prerogative and that's their right, but there are a few notable omissions in my opinion. What about Graig Nettles? Where's his plaque? 

Nettles was acquired from the Cleveland Indians before the 1973 season and was a huge part of the Yankees World Series teams in 1977 and 1978. Ask any fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers about his defense in those World Series games and they could probably tell you on the dot how many hits and runs he stole away from LA that series. Nettles was a part of five AL East champion teams and four American League pennants as well to go along with those two World Series crowns. Reggie Jackson was also an integral part of those two World Series teams and has his number retired but Nettles doesn't and that is a bit of a shame in my opinion. 

Nettles was a .250 hitter but he wasn't paid to be a high average hitter. He was paid to hit in the middle of the Yankees lineup, which he did, and hit home runs, which he did, while he played stellar defense, which he did, and be team captain for a couple of seasons, which he did. Nettles isn't Brooks Robinson and he isn't Mike Schmidt but he was a borderline Hall of Fame player in my eyes and if Reggie can have his number retired then Nettles should have his day at Old Timer's Day as well. 

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