Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Twitter: Should the Yankees Trade for Cole Hamels?

Yesterday afternoon “news” broke that the New York Yankees have been the closest team to acquiring the Philadelphia Phillies left hander Cole Hamels in a trade. Originally no names were released but the package for Hamels was said to be a prospects package and later we found out that Philadelphia at least wanted Luis Severino, Aaron Judge and Robert Refsnyder in the trade. You guys know me by now I am a huge advocate for the SOCIAL part of social media. I respond to your tweets, I don’t ignore your DM’s and I encourage everyone to get involved. Yesterday I asked our followers if they thought the team should acquire Hamels and honestly the results surprised me. I thought we would have a mixed bag of results but the vast majority of the people who responded were all in agreement with a big and resounding NO!

See below:


  1. I don't know what my exact opinion on this is, but I will say that most of the time the "can't miss" guy dissapoints (see Jesus Montero). Just throwing that out there,

    1. Just throwing this out there as well, cant miss starting pitchers haven't always done well in New York. Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Jeff Weaver, etc. etc. etc.

  2. Many can't miss players have failed in New York, the difference here is...our "sure things" are not expected to be the Next A-Rod or Whitey Ford!
    What we have is a plethora of talented players, out of the mix a few may get traded away, loose their way, or just fade away. The good part is, after that, we will still have a few diamonds in the rough.

  3. Guy's this isn't happening so stop freaking out

  4. I like the farm system as it is now constituted and starting to come together. Believe me when I say I don't wear rose colored glasses. I back some players and tell the truth about others and have for years. I have been called many names for doing so, but never have I ever overestimated a player. Hype is just hype, not fact, and anyone with eyes can see the good and the bad parts of a player and his game. What has to be addressed are the things that can be tweaked, that is why they start in the farm system.

    For a couple of years, the experts were saying Dellin was over hyped and should follow the other "Killer Bees" and cut lose. I said big pitchers with his arm have a history of needing more time to sort things out.

    When a team has one or two stars coming through the system, one bad step can set their system back a few years. Thus, having many good players coming of age within the next 1 to 3 years gives us a cushion...so to speak! Some of then could play this year if it wasn't for being blocked by a vet with less talent!


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